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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Krakow: Nowa Huta - Red Grill House

Dearest food lovers,

Poland has many local delicacies that it has to offer when it comes to food, be it pierogi (dumplings with diverse fillings) or golabki (aka "pigeons" - stuffed pekinska salad leaves with a mixture of rice and meat) or any other typical Polish dish. But it's not just the local food, but all the other worldwide cuisine items one can find. And then there is the food trucks... mmm... now that's an experiment in itself! And Krakow has a lot of options to offer ;) from the Kazimierz Food Truck Corner to the food trucks in your local neighbourhood.
Krakow is a city that loves to think about everything and everyone, and I love that! Throughout summer and early fall there are picnics for the families each weekend. By rotation there is always a park where you can spent time with your loved ones. Sponsored by diverse players, the one that always is very visit is the RMF FM (Radio Muzyka Fakty FM). They have seats (wooden benches and foldable chairs) and tables and activities planned for children of all ages. Of course a must is the food! And this is where food trucks cone in handy.
Food trucks are very versatile and can come to various events throughout the city. That is why big corporations like to hire them for events like "Open Days" or for "Corporate Picnics". On one such family picnic I bumped into a quite new company named "Red Grill House". It was overall a positive experience so I had to share it with you, so you might test them out as well ;) their physical location, most of the time, is on Aleja Jana Pawla II 232, in Krakow.  They are open daily between 11 am and 9 pm. "Red Grill House" opened their Facebook page in August, they don't update often, but they do have 8 ratings of 5 stars (out of 5) and nothing less than 5. 
Now... about the food: I have enjoyed the Racllette and the Rolles but I liked the Rolles best. It reminded me of the Balkan food. The meat on Rolles was nicely done but the chicken from the Racllette was not quite "My cup of tea". Overall I felt the meat was a bit too spicy. But I would go again and try something new. Tried Red Grill House in late August - early September. The guys who were serving were nice and funny and knew how to behave with customers. I had to wait about 10 min for the food so I got to observe them. Good job guys! #twistedredladybugrecommends it 💗 They were serving (and I guess that's what they always serve) only 3 types of dishes. I got extremely attracted by the Racllette cheese - I'm a sucker for cheese!!! so I had to have it. The second dish, Rolles, reminded me of the Romanian dish called "mici". The meat done by the guys is more dense, but I still loved it! But about the Racllette... you guys, if you are reading this, please put more cheese!!!! Or put an option for the extra topping with cheese, for people like me ;)
About the price: I'm not sure how the prices are when they are not at the fair but the price range for each of the 3 dishes was between 15 and 18 zloty. That is less than 5 euros for a meal well done, that can fill up your tummy and provide you the meat/proteins necessary. We were thirsty so we also had some cans of Pepsi - 3 zloty per piece.

P.S. I've just reminded myself that the guys told me, while I was ordering, that the bread bum made for the Rolles is actually handmade by them. Truly it does taste differently ;) a must Try! 

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Food Trucks

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