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Friday, 22 September 2017

Things I Miss About (My) Childhood

Dearest pumpkins,

Some might say that the best part of their life is their future (due to the fact that "life is like a box of candies and you never know what you're gonna get!"), some might say it's the present in which we live (no wonder it's called like that, life is a gift, a present in itself!), but eventually... all of us have a strong connection with our past. Past got us to the point we are now, made us to the grown-ups people now see. Childhood is such an important and magical time in someone's life, it should never be underestimated. I wish all children would have happy memories of their Childhood, I wish for them to be free and not have a care in the world... that should be left to grown-ups. And we always grow up so fast... Looking back to My Childhood I can't help to smile and think how much fun it was, how careless and free we're, without truly knowing. Now, thinking of that while I watch my little Ladybug Baby Girl makes we wonder about many things. It surfaced memories of My Childhood and the things I knew I missed but just passed them away from memory, lest I would tear up and wish to be a child again. Alas, we are no Peter Pan... so I thought I might share my list with you - we might have more in common then you know ;)
1. Believing in Santa Claus - I can't remember the time when I found out from colleagues at school that Santa ain't actually true, but I do remember my huge disappointment and disbelief in what I had heard. I kept telling myself for a long while that Santa Claus was actually true, that people were telling lies. Well... as Dr. House always lived to put it, everybody lies, but they were not telling a lie in this case. A part of a child innocence dies when they stop believing in fairies or in Santa Claus or in the stories that they read. 
2. Politics?! What's that?! - Socialists, Democrats, I had absolutely no clue which is which. Left or Right, what did it matter for a child? Politics are not important for them. Family is important, friends are important, making sure that they eat and play and have fun is important! Not the strings that some people pull to get higher. Not the corpses some people tread on in order to become more powerful. Childhood is the age of innocence.
3. No job, ocasional money - you don't have to wake up early everyday and think about going to work, being there for at least 1/3 or your day, making money to stay alive and feed yourself and cover bills.  No! Your "job" is to be happy, have fun, play games, smile and kiss your parents, have afternoon naps, do ocasional chores for which you get pocket money. Pocket money that you can spend for whatever your heart desires! 
4. Granny's / Mum's cooking - you don't have to cook daily, figure out ingredients, go to the market, buy them and carry them home (maybe after a full day of work, when you are tired), do the cooking... and by the time you can eat it you are already dead tired. When you were small there was always food "laying around" at the right time, when you would be hungry. Home made food by granny or mum, delicious, tasty, filling and always served with a smile and a kiss. Everyday. Best food ever!
5. Nap times in the afternoon - I remember there were times when I would fight... why do I need to have a nap? I want to go play, I want to read or draw or stay and talk with my friends, but naps were a must. I understand now that the body truly needs them. A time of peace and quiet when you can snuggle in a blanket, lay still and dream of magical and wonderous things. Naps in the afternoon relieved headaches, brought back good disposition and... allowed mum and granny to rest ;) plus, there is a research showing that things you have read before taking a nap get to your brain faster. 
6. Birthday parties - now you might not celebrate them big anymore, you might want them rather intimate: just with the ones you love, with family, a quiet spot for yourself. Childhood parties are colorful, joyful, boast of energy and games, great food and snacks that usually are not allowed, piles upon piles of presents, a big and tasty cake, blowing up candles while people sing "Happy Birthday!"... The fact that you had to prepare, do physical invitation and give them to your friends, choosing carefully whom you're having over and preparing your room, getting overly excited and counting the days until party time... When people would ask how old you are you would immediately answer... "I'm gonna be 6 next Friday!". Nowdays it takes me a couple of minutes to figure out... how old am I?!
7. The good old Cartoon Network - nowdays it's translated into the local language, back in my days it was all in English language and that's basically how kids would learn the language. Hear and repeat. The old Cartoon Network was not so heavily filled with violence and such ugly looking cartoons... I remember enjoying Tom and Jerry or The Wacky Races, The PowerPuff Girls or Dexter's Labratory. The lines were smooth, the music was enchanting and good always prevailed. Now I can't stand turning the channel on...
8. The time seemed never-ending... - when I would wake up it seemed the day was as long as a year. You could do so many things in one day! Now we are less than 3 months to Christmas and it feels like it's gonna be here tomorrow. Back then... it seemed like an eternity. It seemed like we has all the time in the world...
9. Invoices? What's that?! - buying things was more of mum and dad and grandpa and granny thing... I would just need something and it would magically appear by the grace of my family. Children take things for granted most of the time... I had a different childhood where I understood the value of money since I was a wee lass.  My grandpa from my mum's side was a brilliant accountant. I wanted to be just like him when I would grow up! So I've seen invoices even before kindergarden. But my first payed invoice was for my mobile phone sometime during high school.
10. The World was HUGE! - now Europe seems and feels like my pocket, trains and planes connecting everywhere... But when I was small even my country felt like a giant. The World was so big I could not believe I would ever get to see it all... But once you start travelling abroad, everything changes! And the other continents are just... "across the pond" ;)

Yours very sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Her Childhood 

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