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Monday, 16 October 2017

Growing Up - Polish Style

My dearest pumpkins,

In case you were wondering how Polish childhood feels like and what common traits are in growing up in Poland or growing up abroad but in a Polish family, I thought I might share with you my findings on this subject. I have many friends who told me stories of their childhood, I've seen a lot of movies, but also had first hand experience from my husband's family stories and pictures (priceless, every single one of them!). So without any further ado, let me share you some facts about growing up - Polish Style ;)
1. #GrowingUpPolish abroad can be of an issue when teachers read out loud the names of the students. Either you will get your name misspelled or you'll only get your first name. 
2. Short names completely different than your regular name. Let's say someone's name is Aleksandra Nowak. How would you call her shorter, Alex? Well no... that would be: Ola = Aleksandra :/ 
3. Everyone is your Aunt and Uncle (Ciocia I Wujek). That's  not a title only for family members. That's also for friends, close relatives, sometimes even for people you might meet only once in your life... It gets confusing :/
4. Pantofle (kapcia) were a must! No carpets? Slippers! Visitors came in? Bring out the slippers. They come in all shapes and sizes - some are comfy... But sometimes you might not get one your size... :(
5. Granny (Babcia) will always have loads of pictures with The Pope (that's John Paul the 2nd, the Polish Pope) and the saints. 
6. Granny will also have the best food ever, the best sweets ever and she will make you eat an extra portion, just in case you're extra hungry and you're not telling ;)
7. Eating hot chicken broth (rosol) with pasta every Sunday lunch. No matter how hot/cold it may be outside. Also, drinking hot tea all year round is the thing in Polish families. And they do it in glasses! Not mugs!
Lolek I Bolek 
8. Watching TV for kids: Pszczolka Maja (Maja the bee), The Smurfs, Reksio, Lolek I Bolek.
9. Opening presents on Christmas Eve, not the day after.  Oh the Christmas dinner stories I heard are one of the best. Christmas traditions are at their finest!
10. There are always treats around the house, just in case someone comes unexpected. There is always a safety stash ;) that kids enjoy immensely when they don't get caught!

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Childhood

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