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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Krakow - Kazimierz - Jajownia

Dearest hearts,

I don't know about You, but I feel breakfasts are always made better by the appearance of a dish served hot: scrambled eggs, if possible with bacon and onion tails included! That's how I was growing up, that's what makes me smile when starting the day. I hate the feeling of an empty stomach rumbling away and churning, making a riot. I prefer my breakfasts warm, settled down and with a cup of tea. In Krakow there are a lot of places where one can have a very decent, filling and not very pricy breakfast - my favourite breakfast locations are in the Old Town, as I'm much more intimate with that area. I've also been living there for half a year so I had plenty of time to explore. It's true that Kazimierz and Podgorze area, when it comes to the breakfast options, are not that familiar to me. That is why, I have decided that in time, I wish to discover such places inside the Jewish District. It will take some time to sum up and create a lost of my favourite breakfast places in Kazimierz but... I'm working on it ;) One such place that will probably make the top is the Jajownia on Dajwor 23.
Dajwor is a street with a couple of nice places for fast food - including a couple of fast food trucks. Also on Dajwor street you can find the Galicia Museum. It's hard to miss the Jajownia as it's just in front of the museum. It has 2 tables outside, each with 2 chairs, but I rather prefer the inside. The interior is much more cosy and home like, with wooden tables and benches and all in white. The sign outside is black and white, italic as if written by someone's hand. There is a board with a part of the menu, in English, outside and another one with the opening hours - chalkboard written, very friendly. You have to go up a few steps, a inconvenience if you have a wheelchair or a pram with your baby - there is no ramp to help you up. But let's just say that the food and the service more than makes up for it! There is the menu in Polish but you can also ask for the one in English. When it comes to the menu it's perfect: straightforward and only a page long A4! Brilliant! Not 100000 options so you have no clue what to choose!
This lovely place does serve a large assortment of Lipton teas, to which you can add sugar or lemon, as you wish. I had a chamomile tea with honey flavour so no sugar needed, but it went well with a slice of lemon. I love how they split the options for the scrambled eggs: 1, 2 or 3 eggs - different prices. 3 scrambled eggs costs 10 zloty and when you order if you would like it done medium or hard and what toppings you would like - I chose the medium option (not scrambled hard, but rather soft) and with bacon and onion tails included. It came with the typical Krakowski Obwarzanek (Krakow's pretzel), the salty version. The it thing that I didn't enjoy was the seasoning - I thought it had a bit too much pepper to my fast, forcing me to drink the tea quick to loosen up. But overall the eggs were nicely done, the bacon was not very fatty, onion tails were fresh and I did not feel the need to add any salt. The Obwarzanek was soft and went very well with the soft eggs. 
The interior design of Jajownia is minimalistic and used the space nicely. The mini- restaurant, fast food place in a way..., has 2 rooms. As you enter you have the counter and a small table to your right. To the left there is the second room with 2 small tables for 2-4 people and a larger table for about 6. There are power sockets visible that you can use to recharge your phone. You need to place the order at the counter, the cook will bring you the food and when you are done you should take your plate to the small table in the corner of the second room. It's mostly self-service. There are a few paintings depicting eggs, white chicken decorations, white egg like salt and pepper boxes, the plates and cups are all white. The person who serves is most probably one of the owners and the cook is the wife - or so I could gather. I had a feeling that everyone coming there was a regular and there were even people who were not even asked what they wanted, just served. It felt like a very homely and friendly place, a place for the locals but designed so with the travellers in mind. The owner speaks polish and a bit of English so don't feel frightened. He is a kind and lovely person. Actually everyone and everything there will make you come again ;)
The prices:
- tea (a wide range of Lipton teas) - 6 zloty (lemon included, if you ask)
- 3 scrambled eggs (with bacon and onion tails included) - 10 zloty

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Breakfast

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