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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Things I Am Thankful For - September 2017

Dearest sweethearts,

If you've been reading my blog this year you must have noticed the challenge I have proposed for this year. It's hard sometimes to see the bright side of life. Even when looking at a glass of water we tend to see the empty half, nor the part filled with water. In fact, all that is relatively as the glass is never empty - the other half is filled with air! So what I proposed was that at the beginning of each month we should think of the things we are thankful for.  It might be hard at first but you'll get better as time passes. Train yourself to see the beauty in the little things in life. Start with 5 things/Moments and work up from there ;) Here's my take until now for the month of January, FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly and August. For September, I am thankful for many things, but here are 5 picks:
Polish Garden Red Roses, Krakow, Poland
1. New and old friends - I'm thankful for all my friends, that came my way through various ways and means. I love a person the moment we connect and sometimes I find it rather difficult to let a friendship go. I am a social person, I love social media, I have constant chat windows with friends around the world. I miss them, I wish I would have them nearer, but I'm extremely thankful of the friends I have physically next to me. I am thankful for Gabi, whom I've met more deeply during the pre-baby Pilates classes. She is a smart, beautiful human being, talented when it comes to knowledge and connections. She recently introduced me to Anna, a fascinating Polish lady who speaks Romanian like a native. She has so many wonderful stories about Polish history! It's a pleasure listening to her. She's also a guide! 
2. Autumn settling in & bringing fresh veggies and fruits from the local markets - I believe that Autumn is the best season of the year, of course I might be prejudiced by the fact that I was born in October... but I think it's the perfect time for everything! It's not too cold, so you just layer up with a scarf and a thin jacket and you're done! There are days where it even feels like summer, yet it's not scorching hot. The autumn sun rays are soft and soothing, the smell of leaves and apple and grapes and fresh wine is in the air... going to the local market feels like Heaven - a symphony of smells and colours. Have some plums, some pumpkin, some apples, some mushrooms ... a bit of all!
3. 13 September brought another record of viewers on my blog: 5506 users! And so... my previous blog stats record just doubled... I wonder when I'll get to beat this one! It's true, I had a lot of traffic coming from the hot topic of "How to get a Polish person mad/upset" but I think it also has to do with a brilliant Facebook group I recently joined. I promote there the articles related about Poland and Polish History. The group is named: Polish Culture, Food and Traditions - and people from around the world, with polish roots and connections share the common love about Poland. Do join in!
4. 22 September - The International Day Without Cars - every step that we take, every step that takes us closer to the goal of protecting the environment, I'm in! During late Autumn - Winter, the air in Krakow is horrible... there is a constant for, the smog that sticks to your lungs and depresses you beyond words... steps have been taken to make things better and I see a slow and painful change. I just somehow wish people would take more often the public transport and stop burning rubber and other things that are not eco friendly.  The International Day Without Cars is a step forward - this day all public transport is free! Also, in Krakow, when the smog is too powerful, the people who own cars can go by public transport for free.
5. Long walks in the park with my mum, granny and my little Ladybug Baby Girl - I love days of golden Autumn, I love the idea of having a picnic in the park with my mum and granny and small one. Buy a couple of icecreams, take an extra cone for the small one to nibble on, sit on a bench, listen to some street artist playing their music, feeding the pigeons so it would amuse small Emilia, all the while basking in the sun. The glorious sun that will be soon missed - as the days keep getting shorter and shorter. I love my warm Autumn and I welcome dearly October. 

Yours very much sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Wants To Be Thankful For All The Lovely Things Life Brings Us

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