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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Famous Polish People: Pilsudski Jozef

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#DidYouKnow that on 22nd of November 1918, Pilsudski officially received the title of provisional chief of state - Naczelnik Panstwa. His main concern was the creation of a Polish army to help safeguard Polish independence. 
Pilsudski funeral in 1935, Krakow, Poland
In case you have no clue who is this amazing human being that is being worshiped by the Polish people, I thought I might pinpoint some interesting facts about Jozef Pilsudski. Here they are:
1. Pilsudski was the very first chief of state (between 1918 and 1922) of the newly independent Poland established in November 1918.
2. Jozef Pilsudski could fluently speak Polish, Russian, French and German.
3. He would never fall asleep unless he had a loaded gun tight next to him.
4. Pilsudski liked to walk a lot but he preferred doing that alone. He liked to make sure nobody was about himself while he had his daily walks. Maybe he needed some free time with himself and the nature, a moment when he could fully disconnect. He loved walking in the Lazienki park.
5. He didn't care much for worldly possessions and he donated most of his wealth to charity. One could say nowdays that he had a minimalistic way of living.
6. Pilsudski would love working during night time. It was very quiet and maybe, like in his daily walks, he needed some time on his own. But he would also work with his wife then, and she would do a transcript of his ideas.
7. He was also very uncomfortable with parties and balls and he would much rather prefer a moment of solitude - for example when he would play solitaire by himself.
8. Pilsudski didn't enjoy coffee, just like myself :) and he always preferred strong tea. He also didn't drink alcohol, except on his name day - when he would celebrate very loudly.
9. In 1936, after his death, his heart was layed to rest into his mother's grave in Rossa, Vilno and his body can be found in the crypt beneath the Wawel Cathedral - under the Tower of the Silver Bells. Cause of death - cancer.
10. 60 years after Pilsudski's death and following the fall of communistic rule in Poland, the Sejm issued a statement on May 12th, 1995: "Jozef Pilsudski will remain in our nations memory, the founder of its dependence, and the victorious leader who fended off a foreign assault that threatened the whole of Europe and its civilisation. Jozef Pilsudski served his country well and has entered our history forever".

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