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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Krakow Food Trucks: Twoj Zdrowy Sloj

Dearest hearts,

I don't know about you but more and more about how I can lower down my consumerism and maybe adopt the minimalistic way of life. We don't actually need a closet filled with clothes, we don't need piles of gadgets, we need not things to make us happy - people and experiences make us happy. We don't need more playing bags for shopping, for groceries, when there is the cotton bag option - simple, with taste, organic, strong and able to be used again and again. I, for one, carry one all the time with me, in case I need to shop - and if I do get any plastic bags I recycle and reuse them. I think the next step, after cleaning out your closet and donating for the ones who truly are in need, after switching to reusable items during your shopping spree, naturally it should come the replacing of the plastic containers that fill your life. I believe that the same idea had the family that  opened the "Twoj Zdrowy Sloj" foodtruck option. It is a family business, that started out with one food truck just a couple of months ago. But they have big plans! By next summer they wish to purchase another truck, so they could be at 2 places at once, serving more customers in need for healthy food. The truth is that their idea is very well timed and welcomed inside KBP - Krakow Business Park.  If you work there you know that the options of buying a fresh fruit or a healthy snack are... slim, next to nothing! Of course there come daily fast food trucks and there are 4 canteen like restaurants in the area - Cent, Dollar, BlackBerry and Krakowskie Przedmiejsce - but there is mainly fat food, yummy but not fitting when you want healthy snacks. 
"Twoj Zdrowy Sloj" comes and gives a helping hand to all the corporate boys and girls who miss eating healthy. They are one of a kind, owning a mustard yellow truck, with wooden board menu's and side table. It's a yellow-black chessboard pattern with phantom jars design. They had the brilliant idea to create "Twoj Zdrowy Sloj", that's Polish for: Your Healthy Jar. Bring food in mason jars that you can recycle and reuse. Eliminate waste! And guess what?! The soup I took around 11 am was still hot at 1 pm, no reheating needed! The mason jar is thick enough to keep the heat in. Also, besides the major jar recipients idea, there is the option of having wooden spoon/fork instead of the plastic one. You can reuse it and recycle it as well. I also like the fact that most ingredients for their products are bought locally and that they have seasonal products. For example, Autumn time is mushroom and pumpkin season, so the pumpkin-orange-ginger soup with pumpkin seeds is a must! Tried it, spicy - though it does not hit you how spicy it is from the first spoon... It's definitely for people who love spicy soups and for the ones that really want to know their sinuses work fine - if you know what I mean ;) The "Twoj Zdrowy Sloj" team also specialises in vegan icecreams  made out of locally produced fruits - but that's part of the summer menu.
The "Twoj Zdrowy Sloj" has a different menu each time, maybe just the sweets stay the same... But the soup is usually a fresh vegetable soup with seasons specialty. Then you can have salad in a jar - now that's a new concept for me... especially when you are told that all you need to do is shake it and proceed with enjoying it ;)) now I would never have imagined I would shake a salad! There is always some kind of breakfast option of kefir/yogurt with cereals and fruits, but also there are the sweets. Normally I wouldn't go for the sweets but the sweets are the ones that attracted me to "Twoj Zdrowy Sloj" from the first place. One day a collegue came in with "cheesecake in a jar" - I found the whole idea of #foodinajar very appealing but still... a bit odd... how and why would you squeeze a cheesecake in a jar?! Bottom line... They call it "serniczek" (cheesecake) but it's rather a very soft and yummy chocolate mousse with a layer of smooth white fluffy sweetness and a odd yet delicious topping of salty caramel peanuts and pieces of cocoa and dried fruits on top - it's great! And I'm gonna buy it next Tuesday as well! - Tuesday's you can find them in KBP between 11 am and 3 pm. They also do a mean banana bread muffin, that they actually bake inside the jar ;) so keep that in mind!
The prices - winter 2017 promotions:
- 2 big jars = usually 12+12 = 20 zloty
- 1 big + 1 small jar = 12+9 = 18 zloty
- 2 small jars = 9+9 = 16 zloty 

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Krakow Food Trucks 

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