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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Things I Am Thankful For - October 2017

Dearest sweethearts,

If you've been reading my blog this year you must have noticed the challenge I have proposed for this year. It's hard sometimes to see the bright side of life. Even when looking at a glass of water we tend to see the empty half, nor the part filled with water. In fact, all that is relatively as the glass is never empty - the other half is filled with air! So what I proposed was that at the beginning of each month we should think of the things we are thankful for.  It might be hard at first but you'll get better as time passes. Train yourself to see the beauty in the little things in life. Start with 5 things/Moments and work up from there ;) Here's my take until now for the month of January, FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust and September. For October, I am thankful for many things, but here are 5 picks:
1) Hearing Sting live! It was both a pleasure and a privilege to watch him and hear him play live all the songs of my childhood. It wasn't the typical concert of fans and groupies with a low age... it was the first time I experienced, by myself, a concert for the grown-ups. The medium age was above 40+ for sure, yet the atmosphere and the beautiful positive vibes I could not find anywhere else. People came with the music in their soul, everyone knew the lyrics by heart and everyone knew the songs from the first movement of the chord. It was the familiar tunes of our childhood-teenage years that brought everyone together. The crowd melted as one. Sting was absolutely magical and there was a second, emotional, encore that was given to the audience. You could see the degree in which the people held Sting in high esteem. In front of the stage there were no seating options and people came and stood still, on their feet, waiting for Sting, for almost 3 hours until he came on stage. Everyone wanted to be closer. And he was a sight to behold! One of the best (early) birthday gifts that I've got! Thank you kotek once again :*
2) Growing older - I know that's an odd thing to be thankful for, but I am! I am thankful God granted me another year next to the ones I love, I am thankful for being home this year and being able to watch my daughter grow, I am thankful that I have my family near me to celebrate. After a certain moment you won't want big parties or dancing late at night or shopping sprees, you'll just want to spend more time with the ones you love. I'm thankful for them and for the years in my life.
Krakow Business Park does have some lovely trees :)
3) Going back to work again - taking 1 year of maternity leave totally disconnects you from everything work related. The scary part is you won't feel when time flies and you'll have to get back to work again. The problem is that your brain has already a different mindset. The things you have learned - #motherhood related - took over the other things you knew - work related. First day at work might be a challenge, but you'll live through it. Going back to work again shows you that time spend with family is very important. It also shows you that it's very important to actually do something you really love - after all, you spend there 1/3 of your day!
4) October itself, the month of colours and smells - I love Octobers not only due to my bday but also due to the fact that I believe it's the most magical month in the year. Maybe December comes close, but still... October welcomes us with warm(ish) weather that makes you layer up not not too much so nobody can figure out anything else except your eyes underneath the heavy scarf... October welcomes us with fresh foliage changing from green to yellow to mustard to brown and with the tint of red, the tint of blood.  October is all about layers and layers of leaves that crush underneath your feet and smell of burn yet they tickle your nose. October is all about grapes and nuts and beautiful flowers that look like snowballs. October is warm walks and hot chocolate or the ever posh pumpkin latte. October means to be loved and sunkissed by the last warm rays of sun.
5) My beautiful Ladybug Baby Girl - she makes me smile each time I see her. The way she develops from day to day is amazing. Just a while ago she was crawling and now she's confidently making her first steps alone. She's always running towards us, laughing or having a big smile upon her face. She loves books immensely and especially the ones with sounds - music makes her hum and move her head and hands to the rhythm. Who knows... Maybe she will pursue that when she will be a bit older. For now I watch her stepping intensively on each leaf that she finds... and consider it's Autumn! I love her smiling and being happy from little things, she is our bundle of joy and we will be forever thankful to God that he blessed us with her.  

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Wants To Be Thankful For All The Lovely Things Life Brings Us

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