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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Travel Tuesday: What to do in Krakow in November

Dearest sweethearts,

We are just one month away from all the Christmas celebrations and activities but Krakow's Christmas Markets open soon. It's going to be PERFECT if you are not the type of shopper who does it all (the shopping, the preparing) the day before Christmas. Let's face it, all hell breaks loose in the Christmas Eve. All stores are overrun... It's as if everyone just missed all the markets, fairs, shops for over a month and realised that ... hey! Santa ain't real! (SPOILER ALERT!) I should buy some gifts fast! I don't know about you but I believe that November is the perfect month to start scouting for the perfect gift at a perfect price - if you do things in time you will get a really nice present. Just think about it! Things will be on stock, you will have plenty of time to relax. Well... before I start ranting further on about Christmas, let me point out that November in Krakow doesn't get boring. November in Krakow allows one to do or go to one (or more!) of the following events:
1) All Saints Day & All Souls Day - 1st and 2nd of November. If you missed that this year then you've gotta put this on your list. Go to any Polish cemetery on those days, towards sundown, and witness the beautiful Polish tradition  to come with the entire family, to the family graves, in order to pay their respects. The cemeteries are filled with lights and flowers and a general warm feeling... goosebumps guaranteed!
2) 11th of November - POLISH Independence Day - on this date Poland celebrates a crucial event in it's history: when the Second Polish Republic was restored in 1918. It's not actually the exact date, but it does mark the end of Poland being divided into the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire while under the rule of the Russian Empire. Going to the Wawel Cathedral is a must. The procession from Wawel will take to Plac Jan Matejko, where flower wreaths will be deposited to the grave of the Unknown Soldier.
P.S. On the 11th of November you can also attend the Andrea Bocelli concert at Tauron Arena - 7 PM. 
3) 29th of November - Andrzejki - St. Andrew's day - that's the night were ladies try to find more of their future husband... It's a pagan tradition, with a lot of games and superstitions connected to it. 
4) The Market Square Christmas Fair - starts on the 25th of November and lasts until the first week of January - it is definitely one of the must do / must visit if ever in the area. Handmade, homemade products for sale. You can find anything from traditional Amber jewelry from the Baltic Sea to the traditional highlander cheese that we all love (oscypek). 
5) Harlem Gospel Choir sings Adele - 23 November - Venue: Filharmonia Krakow - for blues, soul and jazz fans... but I would say not only :)
6) Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival - 21st to 26th of November - Poland's oldest film festival. The first edition was in 1994. It features short movies - 30 min or shorter - made by professionals from all over the world but also by students.

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Krakow 

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