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Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 In Review

Dearest hearts,

I hope you had a very merry Christmas next to the ones you love. I hope you found peace and happiness and that you are thankful for all the beautiful things in life. Yet another year has passed and we are at the doorsteps of 2018 - who's ready for another adventure?! I know that this year was filled with both good things and bad things, both with joy and with sorrow, but this is life. This is growing up. This is evolution. We go through hardship so we can better ourselves and rise in the process. I am blessed to have my family with me, celebrating both Christmas and New Year. I have come to count my family as the biggest blessing ever since I was a small girl. I was raised until 4th grade by my amazing grandparents from my mothers side and right now my daughter is being raised by both my granny and mum. We are 4 generations under the same roof, I have my awesome beautiful and smart sister here visiting and I have this amazing polish human being whom is my better half, always acting as my compass, showing me my own North Pole. 
My little Ladybug Baby Girl is over one year and 4 months, she is growing and developing beautifully and I could ask for nothing more than her to be blessed with a long life, filled with happiness and her to be healthy always. If one is healthy one can achieve everything one sets his mind upon! Coming back to work after a year break - pregnncy and motherhood are huge challenges! - was quite a struggle... Yet sometimes I catch myself thinking that I would go through that again, only to provide my little one with a sister or a brother. Just not yet... motherhood is quite a complicated notion that I am still struggling with. Motherhood also means of letting parts of yourself go, changing, post delivery depression, free time almost non-existent...  again thank God for my granny and mum helping out! God bless them! 
2017 is also the year when I've reimmersed myself in Star Wars Universe. Of course the old stories, the old books and characters are no longer Canon. Disney is in this for the money and they know Star Wars is the beginning of the SF and any followers taught their kids and their kids taught their children about this. Well... money makes the world go round! The Force Awakens is now the #1 USA all time movie and The Last Jedi is right now in the top 10, along with Rogue One - whom I believe steals the 3rd place. There are many things that Star Wars taught me, but the most important thing was that Family is the most important and that we can save the world by saving the ones we love. In the end... isn't it all about love? Compassion, care... all derives from Love. So here we are, the clock about to strike midnight - I don't know about you but I am surely glad I will have my Family around. I will wish for love and health for everyone in the new year. We don't need anything more to make us happy - it's all in our will and power to succeed in doing the things we Love. If your goal is unachievable maybe you don't love it as much as to think outside the box and give it a go... think about it! Happy New Year everyone! 

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves 

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