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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Let's Rule The Galaxy Together

Dearest hearts,
Dear Star Wars bother in arms,

I was one of the lucky ones that did not have "The Last Jedi" spoiled for them. I was one of the few that saw it on the 13th of December, in the evening, I believe that it was the second show in Krakow. Multikino Krakow is our Star Wars go to place :) that's where I also saw "The Force Awakens" - an extra being the posters we always receive there. The spoilers started to leak out really fast through the social media, people already saw the movie, so that is why I think it's safe to say that today may be a good moment to fire away my thoughts and feelings that I find so hard to bottle up... to tell you the full truth, after the movie ended, Wednesday evening, as I was getting out of the cinema I felt - for the very first time - the Dark Side rising in me... I wanted to badly to shout out the spoilers to everone in the queue but I just stopped myself and grinned wide, while holding tight to my poster, thinking that it's better if I would lay low, as they would club me to death with their lightsabers! Nobody could save me then - truly the SPOILERS are major and all I need to say to you is... don't read this post if you did not watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi already! SPOILERS (GALORE) AHEAD! 
The Last Jedi turned to be quite a group splitter, as some thinks it is a masterpiece (of course not to the level of the original trilogy!) and some curse "Mickey Mouse" for taking over the franchise and ruining it. I'm more of a neither Dark nor Light Side. I like to be Grey Jedi (though that's not Canon anymore) and say that The Last Jedi is totally worth seeing; true that I do not agree, as Mark Hamill didn't agree either, on the path that they took Luke. The decision was made and there is no going back, we just need to make the most of it! After all, Star Wars is a childhood movie that generations have grown up with, along with their children and grandchildren... it is all about family, trust and Love - about Light and Darkness and finding the Balance! 
I can tell you one  thing for sure, I'm going to rewatch this movie this weeend and again and again until my tears stop flowing like rivers once I see Carrie Fisher on screen - #carriefisherismyprincessforever ;) I will go again and again to see the brilliant acting and chemistry between Adam Driver (Kylo Ren/Ben Solo) and Daisy Ridley (Rey). I will go for Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and the brilliant, Oscar worthy performance that he pulled for the role of his lifetime, even if he did not agree with the direction taken - that's what shows his true character and professionalism! I will go for the amazing, heartbreaking, smooth and sensitive soundrack that John Williams has created for The Last Jedi - with all the nods and connections to the old trilogy and the beautiful and serene piece on the Binary Sunset. I will go again as I am a Star Wars fan. Some people have their additictions, their drugs, their things that they cannot help themselves from... girls usually shop for clothes and jewelry and what-nots... I'm the kind of nerd girl that needs Star Wars books and comics and wants (read that as NEEDS!!!) to see the Star Wars movies on the big screen - eyes wide open, like the first time I watched it as a child...
But without any further ado, let me share with you some The Last Jedi SPOILERS and some of my raw thoughts after the first time watching it:
1) The opening sequence - of course there was a crawl intro and an image of space and beyond, battleships in the vast open. The key to any Star Wars movie (besides the standalone Rogue One). Perfectly done!
2) The funny moments - felt a bit rather like a Marvel movie (Guardians of the galaxy style...) sometimes but overall it was enough laughter not to feel overstretched. It was an interesting idea to start the movie though with a comic relief between Poe and General Hux, but hey! It got the whole room laughing! And Poe did pull off the "Are you talking first?!" with Kylo, so we had that coming our way...
3) Multiple new characters - some that don't even have time to shine or develop until poof! They are out of the picture... I did like though Rose's sister story and their bond, though I would have liked more time on that and maybe a few moments with both of them together. Rose as a character is pure and rather childish but she has a strongness about her, an ability to speak up her mind and be true to herself and her goals. She states, later on in the movie, while saving Finn from his suicidal attempt to save the Resistance: "This is how we're going to win: not by killing those we hate, but by saving those we love" - never have I heard more truth coming from the mouth of babes! And I do believe that is what will happen in Episode 9 with the Kylo Ren - Rey relationship. Same goes for Vice Admiral Holdo - that apparently appears in the Leia book I still don't have :( - that seems such an interesting and strong character yet we don't see her growth. Though... amazing ownership on this one, taking on a Destroyer like that!
4) Force Bond - or "Force Skype" as some people started naming it... - well... you thought that Kylo Ren stopping a blaster mid way was cool?! Well wait for this: Kylo Ren and Rey share a special bond, a force connection that allows them to feel eachother and talk with eachother, see one another, at great distance. I simply love all these Force Bond scenes! Starting with the first one where they realise what is happening, that they can see each other and talk to eachother without seeing their surroundings, but just an intimate connection with one another through the Force. The first time that happens Kylo simply rushes out of the room, searching for Rey - I can see him as a child, reaching towards something he needs... her Light. I enjoyed every Force Bond scene but I believe that the scene that will get everyone who rooted for a Kylo-Rey relationship happy will be the one where Ben reached to Rey and takes off his glove. The mask (that he destroys in the first part of the movie) is not the only thing that keeps him on a Darth Vader mode - his whole outfit, his gloves, his limited skin contact makes him "untouchable". Yet he is willing to step towards the light and reach for Rey. Even the lighting of the scene is fabulous, as of Ben is physically transporting himself through the Force to be physically there, next to Rey, to touch her. Look at the light on his face, matching the light in Rey's physical location. Brilliantly done!
5) The Jedi vs Sith / Light vs Darkness / The Balance / Kylo Ren vs Ben Solo vs Rey - The whole movie revolves around 2 main points: Luke Skywalker and the Kylo Ren / Ben & Rey relationship. There are 2 main moments of full connection between Kylo and Rey, two reach-out looking for the bond moments: a) during the Force Bond, where Kylo and Rey reach out and Ben takes off his gloves and is Ben with Rey, warm and true and tender & then there is... b) Throne Room Scene with Kylo (not Ben!) reaching out again to Rey, with the idea that has been articulated by fan fiction: "Let's Rule The Galaxy Together!" Yep! You get to see that coming to life! But guess what?! Because Kylo is no longer Ben he does not take his glove off when he beacons Rey to join him. The scene is so well done it's heartbreaking! You can see the pain and the sorrow in both their eyes. Each of them saw the other one next to them, in their quest for Light / Darkness. The "Please!" uttered is heart shattering in it's pain and hopefullness...
6) Throne Room Scene - one of my personal favourite battle scenes. Well directed and well done! Now I do understand the scenes of training released previously, of Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley fighting multiple people at the same time. Rey will believe that she can bring Ben back to the Light so she engages in a rather suicide mission. She sends herself - signed, sealed, delivered... I'm yours! - to the First Order. Of course Kylo takes her into custody to the Supreme Leader Snoke. In a turn of events where Snoke demands of Kylo to kill Rey, stating that he can "see his resolve" into the kill, the tides overturn. In fact he does not want to kill Rey, but he kills Snoke in the process - clear cut in half, with Rey's (Luke's) sword that was very ably placed by Snoke right next to him. The scene with Kylo/Ben and Rey fighting side by side against the Praetorian Guards is a masterpiece in itself, a piece of ballet between the 2 protagonists. The way that they lean on eachother (Even physically!) is so poetically done! I loved how in The Force Awakens, Kylo was running for Luke's sword but here we have Rey throwing it to him, so he could defend himself. In the same way, we have Kylo / Ben throwing his lightsaber to Rey, helping her out. As I said, the "Let's Rule The Galaxy Together!" & "Please!" Lines are heartbreaking + breaking Luke's saber in two... emotional support needed!
7) Luke Skywalker - The Ultimate (Not the Last!) Jedi (Badass!) - again, I want to underline that I do not agree (as neither did Mark Hamill agree!) with the line of story that they took for our golden boy - Luke Skywalker.  I did not see him as the type that would sit alone, on a deserted island, waiting to die. I never saw him as being resigned to life and unwilling to fight. That is definitely not Luke Skywalker material, not the George Lucas type of Luke... but apparently Disney Luke is another breed... I didn't like the idea that even the notion of striking down Ben did ever appear in his head. Luke has much of his mother in him, believing that the world can be good. Of course I did like the final twists and I enjoyed immensely the reunion between the Space Twins and the fight with Kylo Ren. He has some badass Matrix moves there! I liked that he did pass the stick forward and he is NOT The Last Jedi - Rey is, even though the training was really really short. Short but intensive in a way... straight to the point, on what Rey needed to understand and to know. I loved the connection that they made with "A New Hope" - from playing the "Help me Obi Wan! You are my only Hope!" (also a tribute to Carrie Fisher) to the ending of the circle just as it all began: Luke's journey and the Binary Suns. I somehow felt I betrayed Carrie by crying more when I saw him disappear, his final journey in the Force. It was a perfect sunset over the age of the original trilogy, nothing will ever be the same again. Star Wars - for me - will always be about the Skywalker family. (Standing ovation for the magnificent Carrie Fisher, the golden boy Mark Hamill and the eternal adventurer Harrison Ford).
8) The unanswered questions - who the heck is Snoke? And how could he be killed that easily? Will we see him as a Force ghost? Will we ever know his background?! I was so disappointed on how that turned out :( even more questions! And what about Rey's parentage? Kylo tells her she's nobody ("But not for me...") yet that is done somehow in anger and frustration so I'm really not that sure if he is really telling the truth. Also... what's up with the little boy with the broom? I have a weird feeling about him. Will he be a part of the NEW Star Wars Trilogy that Kathleen was speaking of? The... no more Skywalker monopoly over the Force?! We just have to wait and find out... 2 more years to go! Start your countdown!
9) The Music / Soundtrack - John Williams is The One when it comes to composing for Star Wars.  He is eternal, moving in spheres and reaching out to the Stars, to other Galaxies. His notes combine, blend and manage to move audiences worldwide. It has a lot of nods to the Original Trilogy and especially "A New Hope" vibes. It's great to see him back, as "Rogue One" was not under his wing (though definitely had a great soundtrack itself!). Been listening to the soundtrack this week a lot and it surely can hold it's own! Looking forward to hearing it again and again.
10) Amazingly magical imagery - way to go visually! I was not sure if I'd like the Porgs, mini version of Ewoks, specially done to attract children into buying more merchandise... yet hey! They kinda grow on you... So will the other creatures introduced in the Star Wars Universe. My favourite are the "Snow Foxes" as I like to call them - shards of ice in animal form. The whole red-white-black mood / storyboard of the movie is strict. The only different place is Luke's island (blue and green - Jedi friendly). I loved the white-red salt touches on the Resistance standpost planet. I loved the at of Light and Darkness in all Kylo-Rey scenes. Visually very pleasing, throughout the movie!
Bonus: Huge eternal applause (Standing ovation!) to the one and only Princess: #carriefisherismyprincessforever ♥️ Carrie Fisher is Leia and Princess Leia is Carrie Fisher.  Surely enough she had her "drowned in the moonlight by her own bra" moment, yet she came back as SuperLeia (not sure yet how I entirely feel about that moment...) yet that was badass! Leia always had the Force in her, yet she was and is a Leader foremost. The Force does kick in though, to action, when truly needed, and we do see our Princess resurected and brought together for a final meeting with her Space Twin.  Loved her connection with Poe throughout the movie and she does prep him up to be the next leader of the Rebellion, to take his place. He loves him and raises him up for 2 good reasons: I believes she feels him like the son she lost (not trying to replace Ben though) & he reminds himself of Han (The feisty pilot that none could compare to). I am not sure what they will do with Episode 9, how they will pull that off, considering that Luke is dead now and Leia is still (in the movie) very much alive. That is again 2 years of hard waiting in front of us... May the Force Be With You! Always!

P.S. I loved that they gave Billie Lourde more screen time, especially next to her amazing Mother. Also, seeing Yoda again made my heart flutter - so much sass on that Force ghost! Aaaaand... can I just say again that this didn't go the way anyone would have expected!

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Star Wars and enjoyed Episode 8: The Last Jedi Greatly!

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