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Thursday, 11 January 2018

10 Things You Should Know About Krakow Business Park

Dearest hearts,

So sorry for the week long absence from the written blog, I tend to be a bit hectic at the beginning of the new year and this year more than usual as I've just started a new position in the corporation I'm working. So do be kind and gentle and bare with me while I wake up like Sleeping Beauty from her long slumber :) Now I've been working inside Krakow Business Park for more than 4 years now and as much as I would have wanted to see any changes, any great developments I could not see much. Zabierzow is not Krakow - it's far away... Zabierzow is a village located in southern Poland in the Krakow metropolitan area. On it's main website about Krakow Business Park you will find that it presents itself as "one of the most modern office centres not only in Poland, but also in Europe" - now that might have been true, many years ago, when it was built (in 1997) but now, over 20 years fast forwarded, I can tell you for sure that there are many more modern and suitable places in Krakow to call "Business Park" than this one! But hey, that's my personal opinion, so don't throw any stones my way, I'm here to present you 10 Things You Should Know About Krakow Business Park:
1) Krakow Business Park is not in Krakow - to be more precise, it's less than 13 km away from the centre of Krakow. Now you might not think that as much, but the traffic combined with the public transport and the renovation work on the railway system might make you have a very long transit time (getting to and from work) especially during rush hours. 
2) Krakow Business Park boasts of "four A class buildings", office areas ranging from 500 metres to modules consisting of entire floors, even up to 2700 metres. Nowdays there is plenty of space free in the Krakow Business Park as many of the big companies/corporation, due to the fact mentioned above (transit) decided to move inside Krakow, to the newest Business Parks created inside the city perimeters.
Interior Z1 building, KBP, Poland
3) Krakow Business Park has one big plus: great location in connection with the Krakow Airport (John Paul the 2nd) and a perfect connection with the A4 motorway. That is a huge plus if you have your own car or if you call a cab/taxi - it's about 5-10 min drive. But if you need to rely on the public transport... you are doomed!
4) Krakow Business Park has parking spaces for car drivers. Actually each of the 4 buildings has an underground parking lot, with dedicated spaces and access for the employees of the companies residing in that particular building. There are nice places around the buildings as well and there is also this huuuuge parking lot but that's always a horror during wintertime or when it rains, as it is actually not paved and it gets extremely muddy (loads of lakes, rather than puddles...). Nowdays it' quite deserted as there are fewer and fewer companies working in KBP. I remember 4 years ago if you would come to work after 9 am you would have an issue finding a free spot anywhere!
Train stop for Krakow Business Park, Krakow, Poland
5) Krakow Business Park had a great advantage by having it's own private train station and train ticket office - it still has that but now the trains are not as frequent as they used to be due to the fact that there are renovation works on the tracks. Poland is very good with obtaining European Union funds and using them correctly, to its citizen benefit. There were 2 tracks - one for each way - but now only one is open at a time. They are changing it for better trains (speed trains) and working on the ground to get it stabilised. It' a long process that will make the line going to Wieliczka and Oswiecim (Auschwitz) better and faster and more reliable. But that also means that a couple of year there will be ok limited traffic, a limited amount of trains coming that way and an even more restricted number or those that will actually stop at the KBP station. If you are lucky now, they come maybe once per hour and even then they are late...
6) Krakow Business Park does have 1 ATM machine from which you can extract money and but what you need - for example yummy food from the Food Trucks. I never caught it out of order or out of money and never caught a line when I tried to get money out. The ATM is located in the first building next to the public transport bus stop, KBP 200 (not the Z1 building!), on the ground floor - as you enter the revolving doors, to your right.
View to the parking lot, coming from KBP800, KBP
7) Krakow Business Park has 3 "push-the-tray" food places (the KBP site calls them "three restaurants" but I would not venture to call them that highly...). If you didn't bring and food and if you are very hungry and just want something warm to eat, canteen like - old school - not very yummy but filling food. There are 3 options: the best one of the 3, in my opinion, is "Blackberry", located in Z1, ground floor as you are going to the train tracks - decent, warm food, mainly Polish cooking. Then there is "Krakowskie Przedmiejsce" - "Dollar" (hope I wrote that right...) and it's located on the side of KBP 200. It's Polish food and here the food is portioned (in "Blackberry" you take a plate and put into it as much as you want from any dish). You can also take just half a portion and pay for half, if you don't want it all. The 3rd option is called "Cent" and it's at the ground floor of KBP1000. It's plus, since a week now, is the fact that daily after 1 pm there is a salad buffet and "Italian dishes" - must try that once and see how that is... don't have high expectations!
8) Krakow Business Park has another plus: Manufaktura Zdrowia Fitness & Gym. I used to love this place! I was going there 3 times a week for Pilates classes at 7 am. It would open up at 6:30 am and I would be there, running a bit, then doing the Pilates and finally relaxing with some half a hour of sauna. It was perfect and I would start work at 8:30-9:00 am with a positive attitude. I stopped when I came back from maternity leave as the trains, as I have said, have horrific train schedules + I choose to spend my morning time with my little Ladybug Baby Girl. But just FYI, this is a great place to spend time before/after work. Very nice people that speak English and you can use the Multisport Card here ;) They also do, from time to time, at the company/people request, stretching classes that last 15-30 min. Great for when you are being stuck in a chair for 8.5+ hours daily!
Your Healthy Jar Food Truck in Krakow Business Park, Zabierzow, Poland 
9) Krakow Business Park Food Trucks - in order to save us from the typical daily polish menu, in order to create diversity in our daily meal, KBP management agreed with a Food Truck area - located between KBP400 and KBP800. The trucks come on a daily basis (2 or sometimes even 3 of them) and serve food between 11 am and 3 pm. Each day there is a different one, a different menu. I tried and like a few: Twoj Zdrowy Sloj (Your Healthy Jar) and Hindus are my personal favourite - at Hindus you MUST try the "Butter Chicken" and at Twoj Zdrowy Sloj you MUST try the "Serniczek" (Cheesecake) that is done with a very smooth chocolate mousse (heavenly!). But there is also hamburgers, Mexican food, Greek food, by rotation they all come at least one day there. Try them all and let me know which you likes best. Oh! Almost forgot! Hindus also does a mean "Mango lassu" drink - smooth and tasty, a perfect treat to go with the "Butter Chicken" ;) 
10) Getting to Krakow Business Park -  since lat year, when the heavy repairs started at the train lines, and the schedules changed, the companies remaining at KBP started providing additional buses for its own employees (for sure both Amway and UBS do that). If you own a car an you come to work around 8 am and get back around 5 pm, then you will always be in trouble and you will need to start early from home - that's the rush hour. It can be faster for some people on some routes though... Depends! Depends of your location - sometimes it takes me 2 hours (both ways) by public transport! Of course the public transport is the most used one - lines 238, 248 and 258 get you to the Krakow Business Park or Zabierzow Dzialki stop (from which you need to cross the street and walk a bit). For the public transport to get from Krakow to Zabierzow (Krakow Business Park) you must buy a Strefa I+II ticket/abonament (as it is located in the 2nd zone/area, the metropolitan area). There are also private buses that can take you up to the Zabierzow Dzialki station - but I would not recommend that to the people that have never been in the area because they might miss the correct stop. There are also the trains - that used to work on time and pretty often, but now... we must wait until the works on the lines are done. I used to take something up to Galeria Krakowska (Tunel Station) and then go straight up to the platform/train that would take me to work. I'm missing that :( now there is so much time wasted catching and waiting for buses. Oh! By the way! Those lines that connect to Krakow Business Park are almost 80-90% never in time and always filled up to the brim - I always end up feeling like a sardine...

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Works In Krakow Business Park 

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