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Monday, 29 January 2018

Karta Krakowska - newly planned discounts for public transport

Dearest sweethearts,
Dear expats living in Krakow,

#DidYouKnow that the Karta Krakowska will allow you to buy tickets, starting this summer, cheaper by up to 20%? The original plan was to make the discount available since May 2017 but there were delays, as you can tell, and this will be available starting summer 2018. The latest updates states this will start with the 1st of July 2018. Karta Krakowska will not only offer discounts up to 20% for the public transport, but also discounts for culture, sports and recreational activities, health, gastronomy and multiple others shops with different profiles (even boot repair or mending clothes). For the beginning though, it was announced that the discounts will be for public transport, for the MPK lines - buses and trams. The discounts will be up to 20% - for example a monthly ticket for all the lines inside Strefa I costs now 89 zloty, with the Karta Krakowska it will be available for 71 zloty. There is not much information on it but the discounts will also be available for museums and galleries, like the National Museum of Krakow - with its numerous branches.
MPK Tram stopping in the bus stop 
On the 23rd of January 2018, president Jacek Majchrowski submitted to the Krakow City Council a project on the introduction and implementation of the program called Karta Krakowska. The program is part of the promotional campaign for the city - it aims to emphasise on consolidating the inhabitants ties with the city, including by increasing the number of inhabitants (making them register their stay), increasing accessibility to public services and also increasing the income of the municipality. The estimations go so far as to say that having a single taxpayer results in an increase in revenue of 2000 zloty. The program aims to make Krakow more attractive to current and future residents. At the same time the program can contribute to the increase in the number of residents using public transport on a daily basis and decreasing the number of car owners - decreasing the pollution emitted as well.
Krakow Public Transport card
In order to have a Karta Krakowska it is enough to be registered for permanent residence in Krakow or to settle the income tax of individuals with the Tax Office as a resident of Krakow, without any income being required. The card will be issued for a period of one year, persons registered for a permanent residence in Krakow will not have to apply for an extension of the validity - they will be renewed automatically. For the persons who are not registered for permanent stay, the cards will be issued and renewed on the basis of the indicated place of residence in the annual PIT declaration. Children up to 18 years will also receive the card. Children up to 6 years will not have cards issued, but they will get discounts through their parents cards. The Karta Krakowska will be issued as a plastic document or in electronic form. The program research estimated that about 300.000 inhabitants will use this card.
Tram in front of the Dominican Church, Krakow, Poland 
Karta Krakowska will be issued at the customer service points inside the city for MPK and in some locations of the Urzad Miasta (City Office) in Krakow.  The cost associated with the implementaton of the program and issuing the cards in 2018 has been estimated at 3,3 million zloty.
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