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Monday, 22 January 2018

Study in Poland: Jagiellonian University Krakow

Dearest sweethearts,

If you are from around the globe and have a craving to learn more about Poland, it's culture and ways of living, lifestyle, then why not think of semester, or even a whole Bachelor / Master degree, done in this fine land? I've always heard wonderful things about the Jagiellonian University, ever since I was in my homeland. There were exchange students coming to Iasi, as there was a linguistic Polish-Romanian department. Here is Krakow, the Jagiellonian University has a really powerful department and they are the ones that have developed here the finest Polish-Romanian-Polish dictionary - it's quite a huge one, vastly explanatory, very thorough; I highly recommend it both for Romanian and Polish people alike. But the Jagiellonian University does not focus only on Romanian language, but also on several others. The University is aware of the incredible value of the internationalisation of the academic community - we live in a world where there are less and less borders, any country is just a few hours away by plane, everyone has access to knowledge and people from all locations and financial background can have access to knowledge. Jagiellonian University expects candidates from abroad and widens it's offer of programs in foreign languages every year! 
Collegium Maius, Krakow, Poland
#DidYouKnow that the Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe! It was established in 1364. Today it has 16 faculties (including 3 medical - Medical College) and it provides education to approximately 44.000 students. The Jagiellonian University offers study programs in foreign languages on all education levels: 1st cycle (Bachelor), long and 2nd cycle (Masters), 3rd cycle (Doctoral degree) and non degree post-diploma courses in the field of humanities, social, natural, exact and medical sciences. The studies are available in multiple languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and, of course, Polish. The Jagiellonian University also offers part programs, where some of the studies are completed at partner universities (double diploma programs). The Jagiellonian University also focuses greatly on the research - the university carried out 1.027 research projects, including 47 international projects. In the years 2014-2016, the Jagiellonian University has obtained patent protection for 85 inventions (36 in Poland and 49 abroad). And just so you know, the JU Careers Service conducted a research in which it was shown that nearly 83% of the students are satisfied with the Curriculum of their studies. Also, the Alumni find employment no later than 3 months after graduation.
Regarding the Masters programme at the Jagiellonian University, the ones that are in different languages, they range from Social sciences (18), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (5), Medicine and Health (4), Humanities (3), Business and Management (1), Engineering and Technology (1) to Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1). When you start thinking about joining the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, you will most certainly wonder about the housing services provided by UJ.  Well... The students can apply for accommodation in one of the University campuses/halls of residence. The campuses can hold over 3.000 residents! Also... #DidYouKnow that the Jagiellonian University actually had quite a few students that became famous: Pope John Paul 2nd, Nicolaus Copernicus (The astronomer), Wislawa Szymborska (poet and Nobel laureate), Norman Davies (historian - if you are into history books and especially the history of Poland, he has remarkable books on this topic. "God's Playground" is my favourite). Even Marie Curie tried to join the ranks but back then women were not allowed to higher education - that's why she went to Paris. Also... The School of Polish Language and Culture - the oldest and the most prestigious providers of Polish Language and Culture education in Poland, the academic offer contains: summer courses (summer school to learn Polish), summer culture camps (for ages 13-17), intensive 2 week courses, 1 year and 1 semester courses, summer preparatory courses for candidates for studies in Poland, online courses. So... if you want you can speak Polish as well in no time ;)
Lovely signs inside the Collegium Maius courtyard, Krakow, Poland
When it comes to the accommodation, the students can basically rent an apartment or a room in an apartment, or live in a dormitory. The Jagiellonian University does have it's dorms, which are usually the cheapest way to go. The standards are various and you really should check out the dorms before making a choice! The costs usually range around 60-80 EURO monthly for a shared room and 100-150 for a single room. You can also try to pick an apartment or a room in an apartment, in an area of your choosing. Foreign students usually prefer doing that, hiring bigger apartments and sharing them. The costs depend on the city and the location in the city. The average monthly rent can be around 150-200 EURO. You also need to take into consideration that is you rent a flat you usually need to pay at least 3 months in advance + a certain amount as a deposit, in case you destroy/damage anything. There are also companies that actually specialise in helping out foreign students to get accommdation, to find a right fit apartment for their needs. For example Easy Renting does that - they have over 100 apartments in Warsaw and over 100 apartments in Krakow to rent. Their aim is Erasmus students coming to Krakow and Warsaw. Of course you can also do the search by yourself on the Expat groups on Facebook or just by going to local sites like to find what you need - the downside to this kind of sites is that they place the info in Polish (Polish landlords).

So... what do you think? Is it worthwhile to come study in Krakow at the Jagiellonian University? Would you consider it or did I frighten you away with the talk about accommodation? I would love to help if you had any questions :) so feel free to bug me - on Facebook I reply the quickest!
Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Krakow

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