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Monday, 26 February 2018

Malopolska Development: New Shopping Gallery in Wieliczka

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A new gallery will be opening up soon! 42 thousand square meters for the shopping fans in the Malopolska Region, in Wieliczka. Finally Wieliczka will feel as a fulfilled city ;))) 3 km away from the A4 Wieliczka junction there will be a new building: Galeria Wieliczka! The area of the complex will have 42.000 square meters. 25% of the space will be taken by Leroy Merlin store. The Galeria will have 88 premises for commercial and service purposes. Over 2.000 square meters will be allocated to the food industry market and 1.300 are planned for the drugstore industry. 
The investor assures that there will be about 30 medical cabinets in the building and 3.000 square meters will be allocated to the relax-fitness zone. The rest of the project looks like a regular shopping centre - elevators, pharmacies, children's play areas, restaurant zones, post office, bank branches, tourist offices and so on... For the clients of the shopping centre there will be a car park (specially created) for 600 cars. 

*News gathered with the help of the Polish local news site: - it's quite a good site but you need to know Polish language to read it ;) also more updates you can find on their own site for Galeria Wieliczka:

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