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Friday, 2 February 2018

Marijuana For Medicinal Use in Poland

Dearest friends,

#DidYouKnow that Poland has joined, last year, the group of countries that have legalised marijuana for medicinal purposes? New regulations that came in October-November last year state clearly that marijuana (cannabis from imported plants) can be processed by Polish farmacies and can be used as medicine. Pharmacists are prepared to make the drugs according to the Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber (PPC). In case needed, specialist training will also be made available - considering that Poland has about 15000 pharmacies out of which 90% are authorised to make their own prescription drugs. The estimations say that around 300000 patients would quality for the medicinal marijuana treatment. The law will allow the use of cannabis on a number or ailments/diseases ranging from epilepsy to chronic pain to nausea caused by chemo or even to symptoms of multiple sclerosis. 
The monthly treatment is estimated to cost about 2000 zloty. According to the experts, one gram of marijuana will cost about 50-60 zloty. The EU members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move - only 2 out of 443 politicians voted against the bill! Poland is the latest country to embrace medicinal cannabis, joining countries like Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain. A survey conducted in January 2017 on the public opinion in Poland about Marijuana stated that 78% of Poles believe in free access for the drug. The legislation, as I said above also, will allow prescription only cannabis based medicine to be made available at pharmacies, with ingredients sourced only from abroad. Possession of the drug for recreational use is illegal! So kids... don'tyou dare try this at home!
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