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Monday, 5 February 2018

Things You Should Know About Fat Thursday

Hello there you lovely human beings!

Lent is coming soon, people will be trying to fast, not eating certain food, when in fact they should rather focus on fasting with their mind, refraining from evil and thinking negative thoughts about others, trying to actually make the world a better place by doing that. Well... this week, this Thursday, we will be celebrating #FatThursday - a traditional Catholic Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. That means the next opportunity to feast won't be until Easter! So... That means this Thursday is dedicated to eating all you have inside the fridge, in your house, that's not proper for the fasting period. You can eat as many sweets, cakes and other meals that usually you cannot eat during Lent. In Poland, for Fat Thursday, the most popular dish are the paczki (donuts) - fist sized donuts filled with marmalade (usually rose or advokat cream) - and the faworki (angel wings) - long donut fingers served with powdered sugar on top. 
Of course you can taste these goodies all year round but if ever you are in Poland during Fat Thursday you will know it's this day! Everyone will be shopping for them, people will eat them on the streets, bakeries will be filled to the brim with them and you will see special offers even a fee days in advance. Starting 1st of February, for example, Piekarnia I Cukernia Lajkonik started to take orders in advance for the donuts. They have specially printed out forms with several types of donuts you can choose and you just need to say how many and until when you want them done. Prices range from 2,90 to 3,90 per donut. They also have special boxes of 6 donuts for 12 zloty - tried that and they were yummy! Each with a different topping and filling. 
Paczki box from Lajkonik - #smacznego 
The name of the holiday/day Is very fitting - Fat Thursday - as everyone that day just keeps munching of deep fried, sugary things... That have loads of calories... but nobody seems to mind :) Paczki are the #1 product that day - they are very much like the American donuts but without the hole inside and with a tad more heavier dough, that is usually filled with diverse creams (like the alcohol flavoured advokat), chocolate or preserves (like the yummy rose jam). Faworki are the second best, especially for the ones that want to keep it simple and have no additional fillings or toppings - they are also called Chrust or Angel Wings, made out of a dough similar to the paczki. Some regions add vodka to it... They are usually served cut into a twisted diamond shape, thread through themselves, and then they are deep fried. 
The paczki box from Lajkonik, Krakow
How to do some paczki for Fat Thursday - if you want to try to do some of these goodies yourself, you need to know this: buy loads of oil and prepare to be splashed ;))) kidding aside... the dough is made out of yeast, flour and eggs. Once you do the dough and cut it into the proper size and prepare it, the paczki are deep fried in oil or lard only for a few seconds, so that the fat does not get inside as well but just lets the crust form. They taste the best when they are warm! Actually... paczki are best if eaten within 48 hours of baking. You can store them in a paper bag or loosely cover them with a piece of cloth. Or... you can just save yourself the trouble and come to Poland and have some of these goodies this Fat Thursday!

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Faworki 

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