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Friday, 23 March 2018

Easter Markets in Krakow

Dearest hearts,

The Easter Markets in Krakow are one of the most colorful events that you can join. Of course the Christmas Markets are special and colorful and touching but on a different level. Easter Markets bring the Spring along, the smell of flowers blooming, the sound of birds chirping - singing about the revival of the Earth. Easter in Poland is also colorful through its traditions: painting eggs ("pisanki") & the Palm Sunday ("Niedziela Palmowa"). Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week - known as Kwietna or Wierzbna. It is a Catholic faith tradition, around the world, to bring palms to the church to be blessed. Palm trees are not common in Poland but people are inventive ;) so what they do is they bring greenery found in the fields. Usually they bring pussy willow with its buds just blooming. It's also a tradition to create "Palma Wielkanocna" - little palms made out of branches of wood, adorned with artificial made flowers (tissue or crepe paper). Sometimes, if they prepare well, they put also dried flowers (as fresh ones have not yet bloomed). To make it even more pretty and eye appealing, they put on colorful ribbons of all shapes and sizes and colors. The palms creates can be small (as small as your hand) but they can reach up to a 12 story building! There are contests in each parish whom will do the prettiest and tallest one - they are usually displayed inside the church.
The Easter Market in Krakow's Main Market Square - 2016
The Rynek Glowny (Krakow Main Market Square) is transformed into a busy market and the Sukiennice is completely surrounded by stalls that sell everything from homemade sausage or highlander cheese ("oscypek") to hand painted eggs ("pisanki") to lamb shaped sweets perfect for the traditional Easter basket. The choice is quite large and I am willing to bet you can find something for everyone at the market. The Easter Market usually runs through the Easter break into late April. It starts 10-14 days prior to Easter Sunday, lasts through Holy Week, ending on Easter Monday night (or even longer sometimes...). In 2018, the Krakow Easter Market in Krakow's Main Market Square will take place between 23rd of March and 2nd April. As usual, the fair is organises by the Urzad Miasta Krakowa and the congregation Kupiecka "Artim" SP. Z O O. you can find the most up to date info, in Polish language only, on their presentation site. For your pleasure, here are some of the highlights:
  • 24th March, Saturday - the true opening of the fair will take place at 12:00. At 11:30 there will be dances performed by the "Krakowiacy"; at 12:30 by the dancing group "Male Slowianki" and at 13:00 by Ludowego Miedzyszkolnego Zespolu Piesni I Tanca "Krakowiak"
  • 25th March, Sunday - The Showing of the Easter Palms - the contest for the prettiest Easter Palm will start at 10:00 am. The march / procession from under the Barbakan - 11:15. Dedication of the Palma in front of the church of St. Wojciech - 11:45. The presentation of the regional teams - 12:00. The final decision for the competition for the most beautiful Palm - 13:30. 
  • 26th March, Monday - between 14:00 and 18:00 - Easter plastic workshop for children: flowers from tissue paper & decorating Easter baskets - organised by the Krakow branch of the Stowarzyszwnie Tworcow Ludowych
  • 27th March, Tuesday - between 14:00 and 18:00 - Easter plastic workshop for children: decorating polystyrene eggs with colorful sequins - organised by the Krakow branch of the Stowarzyszwnie Tworcow Ludowych
  • 28th March, Wednesday - between 14:00 and 18:00 - Easter plastic workshop for children: painting wooden eggs and Easter hangers - organised by the Krakow branch of the Stowarzyszwnie Tworcow Ludowych
  • 31st March, Saturday - at 10:00 am - Easter table presentation of Easter regional baskets
  • 2nd April, Monday - Traditions and Easter Rites - "Siuda Baba" - Folklore Association "Teatr Regionalny" and "Teatr Po Latach" - 14:00 hours. Jurajska Kapela Folklorystyczna - 16:20. 
Throughout the duration of the Easter Market, there will be demonstrations of folk art and craft organised by the Krakow branch of the Stowarzyszenie Tworcow. Don't miss out on it! The Krakow Easter Market in the Main Market Square is a treat for all ages and a great opportunity for photographers in love with StreetPhoto or Portraits - plenty of people flocking by! Don't miss out on the Palm parade as well - it's so colorful and one of a kind! It's an open Market, no entrance fee so do take your time and enjoy it - it will also give you a taste on how Christmas Markets are in Poland and maybe it will make you want to come again ;) as usual... if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Yours very much truly in love with Krakow,
The Twisted Red Ladybug

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