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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Girl With The ****** Tattoo

"The Girl With The ****** Tattoo"

We were out, searching for some new #StreetArt in Kazimierz (the best place to find some new and original art pieces). It was a mission from the Photo Club I am in - seek and find something that makes your soul vibrate. Something that makes you pull the trigger on your camera.

It's hard to accomplish something creative when you are put under pressure, yet somehow the pressure sometimes works. There are hundreds and hundreds of small streets and turns and corners in the #JewishDistrict - you never know what you will pop up to. Or whom you will bump into... You might just turn around the corner, going your own way, and bump into someone that catches your eye and makes you want to shoot and immortalise the moment.
"The Girl With The ****** Tattoo" was sitting there, on her ciggy break, relaxed on a stair, checking the phone. She was deep in thought, smiling from time to time, and breeting deep in her smoke, relaxing from her worktime. She was covered by tattoos - both on her hand and on her leg. The Girl had not dark hair but a beautiful shade of pink - that made me think of unicorns :) Such darkness and happiness combining in one little Girl.

It is said that strong essences are always kept in small bottles - that is what "The Girl With The ****** Tattoo" was.

I stopped and I thought... should I just take the picture or ask her first? It felt right to ask her... It felt very much like invading her privacy... her time off from the daily job, her time when she was thinking of something more creative and less boring. Maybe she was a waitress, maybe she was a bartender... maybe she wanted to be something else and she was wokring on that thought.

I asked "The Girl With The ****** Tattoo" if I could take her phono. She turned to me and smiled wide (with even her eyes) and said she would not mind it. She smiled not like the regular Barbie Doll girls do, fake and dry, but the real feminine smile. Again, not the smile that you do for a "Cheese!" photo, but that smile you do when you are at peace with yourself. Not the one when you know you are perfectly beautiful, but the one which shows that you found that inner peace. The smile that shows your sould is balanced.

This one goes to all "The Girl With The ****** Tattoo" ladies out there - not only the ones that have a physical tattoo on their body, but also the ones that have their own tattoos on their soul.

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug

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