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Friday, 25 May 2018

Thoughts upon Summer in Krakow / Poland

#SummerInKrakow 🐞

As the sunrays grow stronger, the day is already longer, and you can feel summer slowly creeping in... the ocasional rain helps keep the grass green, the flowers blooming smoothly - petals like silk, and the air doesn't get that hot and dry. 

The restaurants, coffee shops and bars open up their terraces and await the eager clients. Everyone goes out after work, for a drink or two  (mostly beer, and the local breweries are plenty in Poland!). You relax, tend to forget about the daily routine and enjoy the rays of sun lingering on you. 
Krakow Architecture
Don't forget to #wearsunscreen - as the famous video says... We do work at least 8 hours a day - 5 times a week (sometimes, most of the times, even more) so breaks are necessary to keep your mind and soul in order. People in Poland like to do their jobs properly but they also take seriously having their breaks. 

Working in corporations nowdays is quite frequent and Poland has many big corporations that feed upon the minds of knoedgeable people. Some may have to even book up time in their Outlook calendars to have a real break, else you get tied up into what you are doing and you end up forgetting even that...
Roses in bloom at Dolnych Mlynow, Krakow
As Spring brings a breath of fresh air, the feeling that the World is coming to life, Summer kicks life in 2nd or even 3rd gear. As Spring is like a toddler learning to walk, Summer is like a teenager waiting for some bungee jumping or anything that would pump the adrenaline up...

#SummerInKrakow does have it's downsides though... not only in Krakow but all over Poland the cities become more crowded and even though there are thousands of terraces to choose from, the city becomes a beehive. 

Take for example ul. Dolnych Mlynow, just West of Krakow's Old Town, it is a former tobacco plant that bloomed overnight. It came to life in the summer of 2016 and gathered many "followers". It's considered a rather hipsterish place... and to tell you the truth it's very crowded especially once the sun sets low. I love this place during the mornings and early afternoons.  You can find a multiple variety of places to sit, eat and relax. Or even grab a cake, a good book and spend some quality time with yourself. 
Barbakan, Krakow
Sukiennice, Krakow
View of the Wawel Hill and Castle
It's summertime, it's time to take some time for yourself. For your soul. Sit down and watch the flowers bloom, the vines twisting, the birds singing their love songs. Sit down and watch the world turn round next to the ones you love. Do the things you love, the things that make your soul blossom.

#DiscoverSummerInPoland and fall in love with it's sweet beauty. Sample the taste of the local strawberries, wildberries. Enjoy the smell of wild roses, the peonies that bloom and spread their fragrance in the wind. 

Take a stroll down the cobblestoned paths of the Old Town. Make your way to the Wawel Castle and have a picnic by the Wawel Hill. Think of checking out the local breweries? I have a better idea: take the water tram up to the Tyniec monastery and enjoy the monasteries own brew. You might even drink a beer with the local monks :) 
Wawel Castle, Krakow
#DiscoverWarsaw and enjoy THE view, early in the morning when it opens up (around 9 am) or late afternoon when the sun sets, on the Palace of Culture and Science viewpoint. On the 30th floor, at 114 metres (374 ft) high, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Warsaw. Or you can just spend an entire day relaxing at the Lazienki Gardens, listening to a free Chopin concert, while having a picnic with the one(s) you love. 
#DiscoverWroclaw with your little ones, trying to find all the 300+ gnomes, spread throughout the city. Enjoy the views provided from each of it's 1000 bridges or take the elevator up the Cathedral hosted on the Ostrow Tumski. It is the best view Wroclaw has to offer (in my humble opinion). Wroclaw is also called "WrocLove" as everyone who visits it once falls in love with it indefinitely. 

Yours very much truly,
The Twisted Red Ladybug That Loves Poland in Summer (And Every Other Season)

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