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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Krakow Citizen Budget 2018

Dearest sweethearts,

Guess what?! We know the results of the Citizen Budget 2018! Greenery, sport, health and culture - projects of this nature have won in the 5th edition of the Civic Budget of Krakow. As in the first and second year of the Civic Budget,  gyms were popular and now the open-air cinema is becoming more and more popular. This year's voting list included 430 projects: 123 citywide and 307 district based. There was a high turnaround, as well as a clear decrease in the number of invalid votes. Together (electronic and traditionally) there were over 34 thousand residents that took part of the vote.
This Tuesday, July 10th 2018, during a press conference, the voting for the Citizens Budget of Krakow in 2018 was summed up. Ranking lists were announced, along with the number of points they received in the vote. 

"I am particularly pleased by the falling number of invalid votes, which is the smallest since 2016. This proves that the information about the vote reaches an increasing number of people and is treated with more attention every year" - Deputy of the President of Krakow on social policy, culture and promotion of the city (Andrzej Kulig). He noted that a large percentage of the voters chose the traditional method to vote, which confirms the correctness of the decision to restorate the paper voting (next to the electronic one). According to the VP of Krakow,  mobile voting points (as the one located at the Rondo Mogilskie) was a great plus.
Fot. Bogusław Świerzowski /
This year everyone who resides in Krakow, who turned 16 in the day of the vote, could submit their decision. That also applied to foreigners, like myself, living in Krakow. Even those who did not have a PESEL number! To encourage the foreigners to vote, there were prepared info materials in multilingual versions: English, German, Ukrainian and Russian. The residents of the districts Podgorze, Debniki, Nowa Huta and Pradnik Bialy turned out to be the most active in the voting. Here are more statistics on the 2018 vote:
- Total votes = 34641
- Valid votes = 32958 (electronic 22446 and on paper 10512)
- Invalid votes = 1683 (electronic 17, paper 1666)

Among all city wide projects, "Green smog absorber for each district" (14142 points) won the most votes, followed by "Teznia solankowa" (8153 votes). The 3rd place was the project "Did you forget about the Nowohucki Lagoon... and Nowa Huta?" (6068 votes). However, it should be remembered that according to the schedule of the Citizens Civil Budget for 2018, the final list of tasks to be implemented will be announced by 31st of July at the latest.

Yours sincerely,
The Twisted Red LadyBug That Loves Krakow

Sources: and News Krakow 

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