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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Krakow - European Capital of Catering Culture 2019

Dearest sweethearts,

Guess what?!
That's right, as you have also read from the title, Krakow won the title of the European Capital of Catering Culture 2019, defeating in the final finale Lisbon! "We will use this to show off our traditional recipes (for example Krakow's Maczanki), as well as the unique atmosphere and hospitality that reigns in Krakow restaurants" - states the President of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski.
Sweets from a local shop in Kazimierz, Krakow
The European Gastronomic Academy awarded for the very first time the title of the European Capital of Gastronomy Culture 2019. Krakow won and that means that next year the city will organise several important events - it will be an opportunity to host specialists and enthusiasts of good cuisine and stars of the world gastronomy in Krakow. I, for one,  surely hope that Jamie Oliver will come ;)
Yummy breakfasts in Krakow - there are plenty places to pick from. Everyday you can have breakfast in a different place, with a different environment ;)
Krakow can already boast of achievements in this field. The city has been promoting good gastronomy for years. The Recommendation of Krakow Restaurants (Akcja Rekomendacja Krakowskich Restauracji) has already had 11 editions! For years the Cracovians and tourists alike have been invited to the Dumpling Festival (Festiwal Pierogow). The culinary novelty is Krakowskie Zapusty, where the tradition of frying bread and the Obwarzanek feast are maintained. 
Breakfast at Charlotte - Chleb I Wino, Plac Szcepanski
"Now we want to create new projects and, in addition to dumplings or donuts, promote recipes related to the cuisine of the Royal Court, bourgeois or academic Krakow", says Jacek Majchrowski. 
Breakfast at Niebieskie Migdaly - Krakow
Next year, many events will be organised as part of the European Capital of Gastronomy Culture. Gastronomic Congress for specialists and enthusiasts of good cuisine from around the world, meetings in Krakow with chefs and celebrities of world gastronomy leading restaurants distinguished amongst others with Michelin stars. It's worth to mention that Krakow restaurants are the of ones outside of Warsaw that have Michelin distinctions - there are currently 26 restaurants on this list! 
The magical English breakfast by MilkBar Tomasza
As an interesting topic, an innovative format will also be offered: "wirtualnie gotowanie" (or virtual cooking) - it will consist in simultaneous preparation of dishes in various restaurants, which can be followed on the internet, and the theme will be the cuisine of Krakow and Poland.

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The Twisted Red That Loves Polish Food

P.S. Source of the info above: Polish Press Agency (PAP) and Polish Media - local newspaper articles (e.g. 

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