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Monday, 19 November 2018

New Changes Coming for Public Transport in Krakow

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#DidYouKnow that encouraged by the high number of people that requested Karta Krakowska, the officials suggested increasing the fee for a single-way ticket (bilet jednoprzejazdowy) from 3.8 to 4 zloty? They also tick about cancelling the 20 minute ticket for 2.8 zloty & the monthly tickets for one and two lines. This way they think they will encourage people to buy the monthly, all lines ticket - that currently costs 72 zloty (for the Karta Krakowska owners) but they wish to drop it to 65 zloty. This sounds fair for the Karta Krakowska owners, as they chose to pay taxes in the capital of Malopolska so they earned this compensation. But what about the regular citizen or the tourists? 
Photo taken at the Muzeum of Engineering, Krakow,  Poland
Many residents, however, emphasize that buying tickets now - monthly - for one or two lines - for the Karta Krakowska that would be 37 or 52 zloty - would force them, after the change, to pay more than before - potentially 65 zloty. The liquidation of tickets for one and two lines would be felt even more by people who commute by bus outside or Krakow, as part of the agglomeration ticket that holds Strefa I  and Strefa II. They would have a network ticket for 123 zloty with the Karta Krakowska and 140 zloty without it. In such a situation many residents stated that it is better to use a car... Yet the president, officials and councillors are repeating that they want to limit the number of cars in Krakow. 
Photo taken at the Muzeum of Engineering - Krakow, Poland
"The question is, how many of these people, due to the increase, will resign from using MPK and change into their own car" says Lukasz Gibala. In the face of two huge problems faced by the residents of Krakow - for example: smog and traffic jams - we should do everything to get as many people possible from cars to MPK. In the last campaign of Mr. Lukasz Gibala he was saying that there should be a full exemption from paying MPK tickets for people paying taxes in Krakow - a model of the capital of Estonia. 

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