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How To... In Poland

Dzień Dobry* everyone! 

I am happy to present to you a Twisted Red LadyBug Series :)

The series is named "How To... In Poland" and focuses on giving as much help and as much information about Poland to the lovely future traveler. The articles will be published during #traveltuesday - so stay tuned for more.

Embrace the subject and read one of the articles below - How To... In Poland
  1. Do Shopping In Poland - Currency
  2. Pick The Best Time To Visit Poland
  3. Get To Poland - Transit
  4. Eat Like The Locals 
  5. Spend One Day In Krakow 
  6. Be Prepared For Coming To Poland
  7. Recognize Tourists In Poland
  8. Maintain Work-Life Balance In Poland
  9. Books/Films/Music In Poland
  10. Survive The Polish Weddings
  11. Survive The Polish Winter 
  12. Know You Are (Most Probably) Talking To Someone Who's Polish
  13. Survive A Trip To Poland
  14. Survive World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow
  15. Get a Polish person mad/upset
  16. Study in Poland: Jagiellonian University 

I also thought you might find interesting some "Family Matters in Poland" topics, so here we go:
If you feel you would like me to treat a specific subject, please feel free to Contact Me :)
*Good morning, in Polish language ;)