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Dear friends,

What is the definition of an Expat? An expatriate (often abbreviated to 'expat' or sometimes 'ex-pat') is a person 'temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person's upbringing or legal residence'. In other words, somebody who isn't from 'around here'.
Now as you can see from my pictures I am no longer in my native country: Romania, but I have moved in the country of my awesome husband: Poland. Even though I feel in both countries at home, I must admit that at heart I am an expat. That makes me both sad and happy, and I would be glad if you could join me in my wonderings and questionings of this foreign land :p From time to time I shall post here some links to the articles I wrote on the blog related to my expat experiences ;) Take your time and enjoy all the other subjects I speak of ;) and do try the Travel tab where I write where I went and where I am planning to go, along with what I suggest you should do if you ever reach Krakow or other places I have been to ;)

*In regards to being an #expatblogger:
  1. interviewed me in December 2014
  2. Internations interviewed me in January 2015
  3. interviewed me in January 2015 & nominated me as Blog OF The Month
On How To Get A Romanian Girl Married To A Polish Lad:
  • Don't We All Love Paperwork? - what does it take for a Romanian girl to marry a Polish guy
  • Yin and Yang - a "My Life Lately" post done while fighting to get papers for marriage
  • Keep Them Crossed Tight - if you get married on Polish land that does not mean that the marriage is also registered in your birth land so you better get your arse to the Embassy and hope you have all the papers right!
  • The Green Side Of Warsaw - being in Warsaw for the papers was both a blessing and Hell and you can read more about that in this post ;) 
  • ETA: 3 Months - No Rush - here we are, 3 months before the Church Wedding & The Wedding Party and I have no dress!
  • ETA: 1 Week To The Wedding - Dress ready but not yet picked up, Bouquet ordered and only 2 wedding dance classes done... no worries ;) 
  • 3rd Time's The Charm - Or how we finally managed to have our Polish Wedding PhotoShoot, finally after 2 try-outs that were extremely rainy!
Tips & Tricks For The Big Polish-Romanian Wedding:
  • Things You Should Never Try With A Polish Person - first thing first: Don't tell them Polish language is similar to Russian else you wanna enter a fight!
  • A Few Polish Words - just in case sign language would not be enough, you can print this out and point what you want to say with the finger, but just so you know, you are resposible for the answer you will get ;)
On Holidays & Celebrations:
On Different Customs & Habits:
On History and Patriotism:
Amazing things about Poland:
Poland has quite a few #amazingwomen so I want to introduce them to you:
  • Marie Curie Sklodowska - nope, she was NOT French! ;) and she is the only lady up to this point, that got 2 #nobelprize awards! 
And #amazingpolishmen as well ;)
Random thoughts on being an expat:
Motherhood as an expat:
Things you may not know about Romania:
I also encourage diversity and wish you would do the same! Be open minded and search for new, life changing experiences from which you can learn ;) 
Yours truly,
The Expat LadyBug in love with Romania & Poland

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