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“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.”  ― Audrey Hepburn

“Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.” 
― Alfred Hitchcock

“People who LIKE movies have a favorite. People who LOVE movies couldn't possibly choose.”
― Nicole Yatsonsky

As Nicole said, I am unable to choose... so what I will do is share with you a list of movies I love :) I will also link them to the review I made on them so you can figure out if you would watch them ;)

Books VS. Movies:
Reviews on movies:
  1. Wonder Woman - 2017 movie - "Let me go get my rope!" Gal Gadot is fantastic as Diana Prince
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - 2017 movie - "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!"
  3. Logan - 2017 movie - the last movie of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine & Patrick Stewart as Professor X - a must see for all Marvel fans!
  4. The Beauty and The Beast - the 2017 live action movie of the beautiful Disney animation. Leading roles: Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as The Beast (Adam).
  5. X-Men: Apocalypse - With the emergence of the world's first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan.
  6. Captain America: Civil War - 2016 movie - Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man.
  7. The Danish Girl - 2015 movie - A fictitious love story loosely inspired by the lives of Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda's marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.
  8. The Intern - 2015 movie - 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.
  9. Maleficent - 2014 3D movie - A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled land.
  10. The Theory of Everything - 2014 movie - A look at the relationship between the famous physicist Stephen Hawking and his wife.
  11. Saving Mr. Banks - 2013 movie - Author P.L. Travers reflects on her childhood after reluctantly meeting with Walt Disney, who seeks to adapt her Mary Poppins books for the big screen.
  12. Frozen - 2013 movie - Disney - Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.
  13. The Lone Ranger - 2013 movie - Native American warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice. 
  14. Song for Marion - 2012 movie - Grumpy pensioner Arthur honors his recently deceased wife's passion for performing by joining the unconventional local choir to which she used to belong, a process that helps him build bridges with his estranged son, James. 
  15. Midnight in Paris - 2011 movie - While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s every day at midnight.
  16. Bright Star - 2009 film based on the last three years of the life of poet John Keats and his romantic relationship with Fanny Brawne. 
  17. The Young Victoria - 2009 movie - A dramatization of the turbulent first years of Queen Victoria's rule, and her enduring romance with Prince Albert. 
  18. Creation - 2009 movie -  English naturalist Charles Darwin struggles to find a balance between his revolutionary theories on evolution and the relationship with his religious wife, whose faith contradicts his work.
  19. The Time Traveler’s Wife - 2009 movie - A romantic drama about a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and the complications it creates for his marriage. 
  20. The Reader - 2008 movie - Post-WWII Germany: Nearly a decade after his affair with an older woman came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Berg re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial. 
  21. Persuasion - TV Movie 2007 - Royal Navy captain Wentworth was haughtily turned down eight years ago as suitor of pompous baronet Sir Walter Elliot's daughter Anne, despite true love. Now he visits their former seaside country estate, rented by his brother-in-law, admiral Croft, so the financially stressed baronet can afford a fashionable, cheaper residence in trendy Bath. First the former lovers meet again on the estate, where they feel vibes again, but neither dares admit them until it seems too late. Yet the truth becomes clear, both have moved, but meet again in Bath. 
  22. Becoming Jane - 2007 movie - A biographical portrait of a pre-fame Jane Austen and her romance with a young Irishman.
  23. Marie Antoinette Sofia Coppola 2006 movie on Marie Antoinette's life since she joined the French Court until her leaving the Versailles for her final road... 
  24. Everything is Illuminated - 2005 movie - A young Jewish American man endeavors to find the woman who saved his grandfather during World War II in a Ukrainian village, that was ultimately razed by the Nazis, with the help of an eccentric local.
  25. Ella Enchanted - 2004 movie - Ella is under a spell to be constantly obedient, a fact she must hide from her new step-family in order to protect the prince of the land, her friend for whom she's falling.
  26. Orient Express - 2004 Romanian Movie :) - At an old age, prince Andrei Morudzi retreats to his castle in Romania, during the two world wars, after having lead an eventful youth... What next?
  27. The Libertine - 2004 movie - The story of John Wilmot, a.k.a. the Earl of Rochester, a 17th century poet who famously drank and debauched his way to an early grave, only to earn posthumous critical acclaim for his life's work.
  28. From Hell - 2001 movie - In Victorian Era London, a troubled clairvoyant police detective investigates the murders by Jack The Ripper.
  29. Onegin - 1999 movie - In the opulent St. Petersburg of the Empire period, Eugene Onegin is a jaded but dashing aristocrat - a man often lacking in empathy, who suffers from restlessness, melancholy and, finally, regret. Through his best friend Lensky, Onegin is introduced to the young Tatiana. A passionate and virtuous girl, she soon falls hopelessly under the spell of the aloof newcomer and professes her love for him.
  30. Ever After: A Cinderella Story - 1998 movie - The "real" story of Cinderella. A refreshing new take on the classic fairy tale.
  31. Anastasia - 1997 Animation Movie - The last surviving child of the Russian Royal Family hooks up with two con men to reunite with her grandmother, the Dowager Empress, while the undead Rasputin seeks her death. 
  32. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - 1996 Animation Movie - Walt Disney Classic - A deformed bell-ringer must assert his independence from a vicious government minister in order to help his friend, a gypsy dancer.
  33. Robin Hood: Men in Tights - 1993 movie - A spoof of Robin Hood in general, and 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' in particular. 
  34. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - 1991 movie - When Robin and his Moorish companion come to England and the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham, he decides to fight back as an outlaw.
  35. The Silence Of The Lambs - 1991 movie - A young F.B.I. cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims. 
  36. Awakenings - 1990 movie - The victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them.
  37. A Room With A View - 1985 movie - Lucy Honeychurch and her chaperon, Charlotte Bartlette, arrive in Florence, they are troubled by the fact that they don't have rooms with a view...
  38. ... coming soon... 
TV Series That I Enjoyed Watching:
  1. M.A.S.H. - one of the great series of my childhood or Insanity Is Just A State Of Mind
  2. Pushing Daisies - or how love conquers all... even death ;) in Why We Love Pushing Daisies
Reviews, News & Trailers on new coming movies:
  • Maleficent (2014) - The "Sleeping Beauty" tale is told from the perspective of the villainous Maleficent and looks at the events that hardened her heart and drove her to curse young Princess Aurora. 
  • Cinderella (2015) - A live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale about a servant step-daughter who wins the heart of a prince.
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Yours truly,
The Cinema Lover LadyBug :)

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