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Eat, Drink, Have Fun In Krakow

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NOTE: What You Should Eat While In Poland! 
Things You Should Know About Fat Thursday - aka Don't count the calories day aka The Day of Donuts and Angel Wings

1) Traditional Polish Food
  • Babcia Malina - for traditional food, just how a granny would make it - More here: 1, 2, 3-under the fish-eye lens, 4, 5 ...
  • Pod Wawelem - for awesome and cheap beer and amazingly good food in gigantic sizes!
  • Pod Sukiennice (part of Kompania Kuflowa) - on the Main Market Square - the same amazing food and huge sizes as it's "brother", Pod Wawelem (take2)
  • Restauracja Palce Lizac - is great for the frequent travelers in/out of Krakow - located next to the Galeria Krakowska and the main train/bus station it is the perfect place to drop by and fill up your stomach ;) You have awesome/tasty food at small/reasonable prices
  • The facts of the day: pierogi are boiled, baked or fried dumplings of unleavened dough traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit - read more about the regular Pierogarnia's that you can find everywhere :) - my fav is on Slawkowska ;)
  • Did you knew that people first grew carrots as medicine, not food, for a variety of ailments? If you are looking for some #traditionalpolishfood then check out one of the first restaurants open in Kazimierz - Marchewka z Groszkiem (The Carrot & The Pea) 
  • 37 of 1,301 Places to Eat in Krakow as per TripAdvisor: Goscinna Chata, regional Polish restaurant, located on ul. Slawkowska 10. Goscinna Chata received from TripAdvisor the Certificate of Excellence for 2016 ;)
2) Hipster(ish) / For Corp Events
  • If you are in the mood for something special or if you are trying to find a place to host a corporate event (in an awesome way!) I highly recommend Augusta - a really delicate boat on the Vistula River, next to the Lovers Bridge (the single all pedestrian bridge over Vistula) 
  • For traditional American food you need to get to Galeria Kazimierz to Jeff's Neighborhood Grill & Bar   
3) For Expats - Other Countries Restaurants:
4) Special projects / events / gatherings related to food :)  
For a good breakfast:
Diners low budget - not necessary amazing food
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Shops:
  • Ambasada Sledzia - awesome drinks and awesome fish menu ;)
  • AntyCafe - the best hangout place in Krakow :) Not a lot of people know about it but it is an EPIC place to be!  
  • Stajnia - or where Schindler's List was filmed ;)   
Fast Food (Trucks):
Vegan/Vegetarian/Healthy Food - Slow Food:
Open markets - fresh markets:

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