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Walking Around The City:
Kraków National Museum:
  • Palace of Erazm Ciołek - you actually can spend there around 3 hours at least and you will feel like you have been at a church 
  • Stanisław Wyspiański Museum / Kamienica Szołayskich, the Museum in Plac Szczepanski - very beautiful paintings made by Polish artists ;) 
  • Gallery of the 19th Century Polish Art in Sukiennice, with the collection of some of the best known paintings of the Young Poland Movement, including sculptures (more)
  • Palac Krzysztofory - Cyberteka Krakow. Time and Space - presents the urban development of the city between 1909 and 1915, when the project of Great Kraków was executed
  • Czartoryski Museum - awesome Ancient Egypt collection of several mummies + 1 cat mummy in really really awesome condition (first visit)
  • The EUROPEUM - European Culture Centre is a division of the Kraków National Museum housing a permanent exhibition of European art - Sikorski Square 6, Kraków
  • Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum - marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 12, Kraków
  • Józef Mehoffer Manor - ul. Krupnicza 26, Kraków
Other Museums In Krakow:
 #FreeWalkingTourKrakow hosts the best walking tours in town, so check out their offer:
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - StreetArt - FreeWalkingTourKrakow provides city tours in Polish, English & Spanish. You can find them on Facebook or on their website or you can just call them at +48 513 875 814. I joined them in a StreetArt Tour and it was amazing!
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - Macabre Krakow - stories about ghost and real vampires... methods of torture, bodies under the Main Market Square with their hands and legs tied, stories of impailing living people... dark and twisted and perfect for a rainy Saturday evening :)
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - Her Story - there is a saying that if the men is considered to be the head of the family, than the heart belongs to the woman.
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - Pagan Krakow - do you wish to know about the old beliefs of Polish people but also about interesting facts like: "Did you know that General Hans Frank along with other members of the Nazi party celebrated the Yule holiday when they were living inside the Wawel Castle?" - join this tour once you see it up and running ;) (Beginning of March) 
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - Foods Of Krakow - traditional foods and drinks from Krakow. Lasts around 2 to 3 hours and takes one around Old Town and Kazimierz (a lovely Sunday afternoon in August 2015) 
  • FreeWalkingTourKrakow - Centre of the World - learn why Krakow can compete with other grand(er) cities, for being the possible center of the world (28th of November 2015 - around 2 hours (and a bit))
  • Krakowski Festiwal Komiksu - Krakow's Comics Festival - you may not know this but Krakow hosts a Comics Book Festival each year, for those passionate about it :) You can find books both in Polish and in English - the festival is usually done at the beginning of March
Other interesting offers/tours: