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What To Visit In Poland

First of all let me tell you all about Krakow (My Love) :) I have split the areas that might interest you in 4 different parts, according to your needs:
If ever you work in a corporation in Poland and you are good at running, or if you just wish to be part of the crowd and take pictures of a relay run, make sure you check out Poland's Business Run

Also, if you wish to see something spectacular and utopic, you need to check out one of Zdzisław Beksiński Expo's - he did sketches, paintings and photography. I had the pleasure of seeing one of his Expo's in October 2014 @ the Nowa Huta Festival of Arts, Krakow.
Extra pieces:
Especially for the worldwide travellers that wish to know more about Poland, I have a series of posts on the subject. The series is called How To... In Poland :)  
Also, you need to take into consideration the #darkside of Krakow, and consider the rather negative part of this beautiful city - read my top 3 negative aspects about Krakow. And a special piece on Smog in Krakow.  
A little bit about Polish traditions and legends:
And if ever you come in Poland and wish to buy some #localproducts in order to help the economic growth and show the respect to the country you visit, I suggest you have a look at these Top 10 Polish Brands You NEED To Know.
0. Or the EXTRA data on Poland:
Extra history:
Extra - for kids:
  • A bookstore in Krakow made especially for kids - Ksiazkoteka 
1. Mountains:
  • Góra Zar (Mountain Zar) - height: 761 m
  • The Taking of The Pieniny - height: 1050 m - the track run from Jaworki, through Wawóz Homole to Wysoka and back through Przełecz Rozdziela and Biała Woda to Jaworki. Duration of the hike: aprox. 5 - 5,5 h walking.
  • Zakopane - My list of favourite top 3 things to do while in Zakopane - ZakoLove 
  • Zakopane - where to eat really nice homemade food at a decent price: Bacowskie Jadlo
2. Warsaw 
3. Kopalnia SoliWieliczka (Salt Mine)
4. Bochnia
5. Auschwitz & Birkenau
6. Limanowa & Stara Wies 
 7. Trail of the Eagles' Nests 
8. Czestochowa 
9. Nowy Sacz 
10. Wroclaw
11. Krynica Zdroj
12. Pszczyna
13. Tarnow
14. Rzeszow 

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