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Who Is The LadyBug?


Why LadyBug?!

Oh... that is simple :) I love them! I love LadyBugs :) Especially the Red ones as I have realized the orange one can bite... maybe they are the evil twins of the red ones...who knows?!
That is one of my fav pictures I took :) I am called LadyBug (in Romanian: Buburuza) due to my love for them and due to the fact that I glue them everywhere... on the PC's on the desks... everywhere :) this is how my fellow friends/colleagues from Poland learned their first Romanian word: buburuza :) And they are so darn cute when they pronounce it!

Who is the LadyBug?

Well... My real name is Anda Alexandra R. and I live in Krakow - Poland. I am a  proud expat and I come from the "Dracula Land" - Romania. To be more precise, I come from the biggest cultural city in Romania - Iasi.
In the picture you can see me and my better half - my best friend - my husband <3 He is a true blood Polish and he is in love with his country so much that I can imagine that Poland is running through his blood. We met at the work place and we have a very weird and twisted love story (maybe one day I will tell you it ;) who knows?! if you ask nicely...) but until then you can try to read the below short stories about our Civil-Church-Party Romanian-Polish Big Fat Wedding :) 
Everyone has a Bucket List but mine will not be published until I cross one item after another:
1. See Josh Groban LIVE and get his autograph - Summer of 2007, Atlantic City, Boardwalk Hall Concert on the Awake album
2. See Rammstein LIVE in concert - Bucuresti (Bucharest) 2010
3. Visit the USA - Summer of 2007
4. Live more than 4 months in an European country, other than my homeland - 25th June 2011 I first started the count on days / months / years spent in Poland, as an expat
5. Marry the same Polish lad 3 times, 3 years in a row - December 2013, August 2014 and April 2015
6. Going to the Film Music Festival in Krakow - May 2015
7. Zorbing - down the hill, into the lake, June 2015 
8. Tandem Parachute Jumping - we recommend the KrakSky Team ;) - August 2015
9. Sting Live Concert - September 2017, Krakow
10. Andrea Bocelli Live - 11.11.2017, Krakow - this was a 2-in-1 wish come true, a gift from my amazing better half, as I got to take both my Mum and Granny along


I love multiple things and there are thousand of things that make my heart beat faster... Here is a small list of things I like (be careful as it may grow in time):
1. I love ladybugs (need I explain?!)
2. I love traveling and planning travels and looking on travel blogs or pictures of pretty places where I would like to go/live // I visited USA (Philadelphia, New York, Niagara Falls, Harvard, Boston and Atlantic City), France (Paris), Spain (Barcelona), Greece (Meteora, Paralia Katerini and Katerini, Athens, Salonic, Skiatos, Mountain Olimp), United Kingdom (London), Italy (Rome),  Austria (Wien), Poland (Krakow, Warsaw, Zakopane, Wielicka, Auschwitz and Birkenau)
3. I love long walks and exploring cities - if possible and if time is not a problem, without a map, so you could get lost and just enjoy yourself ;) Here is the main page of my travels - take a look, don't be shy :)
4. I collect earrings - you can have the same outfit and just change the earrings and your whole attire changes drastically (same with purses and shoes).
Here you can see a small piece of my collection ;)))
5. I adore listening to music and finding new and interesting things connected to that. For example in the Summer of 2013 I have listened live for the first time an electric cello. You can read more HERE :) that is how I met for the first time Ana Rucner.
6. I am a huge fan of fiction and science fiction books and movies.
7. I love watching (actually re watching for the hundred time...) STAR WARS <3
Actually I am a huge fan of Star Wars so... don't even get me started on that subject! Here are some reasons why you should watch both trilogies - the original and the prequel. And if you wish to celebrate with me the international Star Wars day let us have fun on 4th of May :)
Also, you might like to know I was thrilled when I found out that 3 more movies will be done - in collaboration with Disney. And even though, at the beginning, I was scared about Princess Leia being transformed into a Disney princess, I have decided to "Let it go!" (as another Disney princess may say...) and await eagerly for the next episodes. I do hope we get to see more female characters :) 
8. I love reading Tolkien - read all his books and I do believe "Silmarillion" is the best and is quite an eye-opener ;)
9. I love cheesecakes and I love the apple tart my fiancee bakes and I love the cookies that my Granny makes - they are just amazing and I could never get enough! In exchange, I know how to bake the perfect sour cherry tart and awesome pancakes with Nutella and bananas ;)
10. I enjoy reading immensely and I posses both in Poland and in Romania a vast amount of books :) They are my best friends from early childhood :) Here is the main page to some of my fav books - if you wanna join me in reading them ;)
11. I love UK and I love its writers - from Jane Austen to Bronte to Shakespeare to... whatever you can name! I adore BBC and I love them when they put great stories to life :)
12. I choose to watch Period Movies - and also Period Books, of course! - as they make me happy and make me feel that one day people were more caring and more loving and actually took time off to think of other people and express their feelings. There was a time when you would actually listen to the person talking and you would write letters and await for them with great eagerness and your heart would flutter and spin and sing when a letter from someone you cared came into your hands. A time when people were happy for the little things, like a ribbon or a book!
13.I loved since I was a wee lass, ever since I can remember, Ireland and Scotland. I always said that everyone's Irish on March 17th - and if you know not what is on March 17th, shame on you!!! I think it might have started with me watching The Lord of Dance - Michael Flatley - and by hearing U2, The Corrs and Celtic Woman. I never was in Ireland, nor Scotland. The closest I could get was London, but one day I shall touch the green land of the fairies and kiss it tenderly :)
14. I always loved Strawberry Red hair and I must admit my haircolor changed - naturally - from yellow like the sun to red like the blood to brown-red. I have always associated the red color of hair with Ireland and fairies, with free spirits - like Merida from Brave - and with lasses who speak up their minds. Even though there is a story in my country that states you should beware of the red man I don't believe in that :) I believe that all people are created equal and the beauty in a person comes from the inside, not the color of ones hair!

P.S. You can also find me on Denis Doan Directory ;)

With Loads of Love and Friendship,
The LadyBug :*


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  2. about me,70 years of age,ex irish army vet,21 years,2 trips to lebanon to lebanon with UNIFIL ie,UNforces in lebanon,i was the cook nco,it was my job to cater for the troops and grab my rifle when the time came