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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Accidental Mushroom Picking :)

Dear friends,

Last weekend was one of my best weekends off :) Besides the fact that I was 100% with my fiancee and we had a lot of fun, besides the fact that I had Friday and Monday off and I had a very long and pretty quiet and relaxing weekend, I have managed to get to my first mushroom picking session. Totally by mistake!

We arrived at my fiancees home and as it was very early in the morning (around 05:00 am) we decided to have a small walk in the forest and check if we can get any more mushrooms... The first one we picked on the way home, by mistake :) Below you can find a picture of the little bugger ;)

Anyway, it was quite a surprise for me to see that I am quite a quick learner and in half an hour we had a full bag of pretty mushrooms (picture attached below). Later, on Sunday evening, my fiancee's mum did the most awesome mushroom stew with sour cream that I ever ate :)

And, no! they were not poisonous :p I am still alive and kicking ;) I must confess I would like to do that again :) but the minus is the wild forest and the flies and other animals that want to invade any body part that is not covered. Heck! Even the ones that are covered :)))

Smaczengo everyone :)

The LadyBug that ate the cute mushrooms and lived :D