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Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer Break-Down

Dear friends,

FB picture day 3 is here :)

This is what I call summer break-down :)

Happy BumbleBee me, as Roxana stated today :*

I was walking from work and I bumped into a small shop with these cherries and the lady understood that I want half a kilo and I was too ashamed to say otherwise, though inside I was screaming... Thank God there was another shop 200 meters forward... I tried again and bought 2 kilos more :p Muah hah ha!!! Plus, I should be eating red eggs today... instead I am having red cherries! 

Hristos a inaltat!

and... a song for today Lovely Lana Del Rey - This is What Makes Us Girls :)

Have a  lovely Monday, everyone :*

From yours truly,

The Red LadyBug