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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Fight Of The Giants :)

Dear friends,

Last week, as you know, I had a long weekend so... in my Saturday (which was actually Friday for everyone else :P) I had fun with taking some pictures and listening to 2 really good albums:
  • Lana Del Rey - Born To Die
  • Florence & The Machine - Lungs
It was a lt of fun and I had a internal row of laughter by making some pictures of Pepsi vs. Coca Cola ;))) Of course I love Pepsi since I was small and I remember even the old bottle types - Coca Cola had also a lot of changes during the years, but I do not like them as they introduced the Red Santa :/ did you knew that before Coke, Santa was dresses up in green?! GREEN!!! My fav color <3

Well... here it goes:

The Pepsi glass is surely feeling violated as the Evil Coke Can insides just spilled into him :O Bad Coke! Bad! Very Badly done indeed! ;)))

I like one thing from Coca Cola though... They have awesome advertising! Look at the new worldwide-next-best-thing-to-let-the-one-you-love-how-you-feel-thingie: all the Coke packages have in all the countries things written on them, like: "Please enjoy it with your...Love/Friend/Collegue/Whatever-You-Would-Set-You-Mind-To" :)

Here you can see the Polsih version: "Ty I... Skarb" - "You and...Your Treasure" (meaning, your beloved one :p )

Ah! and I like just one more thing about Coca Cola :) And you can find that only in the US and Poland:

Cherry Coke <3 Unexpectedly good taste ;) Quite addictive!

Loads of sweet kisses :)

The Crazy Fighting LadyBug