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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Only Place I Could Get Lost

Dear friends,

I must admit I am good with maps and space orientation :) even if you take me just once to a place I would be able to get from point A to B and back again without any issues. I have been to numerous countries and I have had no problem with orientation in The Big Apple itself... I could walk through it with my eyes wide shut :) but there is this small part of Krakow that always makes me crumble... Each time I get lost in it when I go to the small streets. At the beginning it terribly frustrating! To be mastered by a such small part of the city... but then... I thought it is because its history :p It was meant to be like that...

Kazimierz is a historical district of Kraków, Poland; best known for being home to a significant Jewish community from the 14th century on until the Holocaust in the Second World War.
The boundaries of Kazimierz are defined by an old island in the Vistula river. The northern branch of the river (Stara Wisła – Old Vistula) was filled-in at the end of the 19th century during the partitions of Poland and made into an extension of ul. Stradomska Street connecting Kazimierz district with Kraków Old Town.
Oh! But the Old Town I can handle! The whole Krakow would not be an issue... except Kazimierz and sometimes Nowa Huta. Thank God I do not get there often as my nerves would be wrecked! :P The only thing I can get to in Kazimierz is the Old Synagogue which dates somewhere around the 15th century... or something like that :)

Anyway... my first 6 months in Krakow I lived in the city center and  I would always walk about the center and got lost in Kazimierz. Back then I had only my mobile phone but I was taking pictures of all the weird things I could find...

P.S. Last Picture - back then - was very funny for me... "SALON MEBLOWY" ;)))

I hope you enjoyed that :) I know I did!

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

The Sometimes-Lost-LadyBug ;)