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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Green Dress - CHECKED! :)

Dear readers,

I must admit I love the green color and green color goes nicely with red haired people :) Not to mention it reminds me of Celtic Woman <3 and it is very much irish like ;)

Two weeks or so ago I was going through my dresses as it was so hot outside... and when it is hot outside, I sometimes feel I should wear lighter clothes, even though wearing dresses means acting ladylike and I am much too boyish like for that... and while I was looking at my dresses I figured out that most of my clothes are in the color I love: GREEN! <3

Then this revelation made me look through my old picures... I did not look very far: on the 8th of October 2011, I wore in 1 day no more - no less than 2 green dresses as bridesmaid for my lovely friend Ioana :* Of course her fav color and the color of the wedding was also green :) but that did not count, either way I would have wore green :) Green and black are awesome for weddings ;) you never go wrong with that :)

This is the first dress I wore - for dressing the bride, for the civil ceremony and the church ceremony :) Thankfully enough we had around 2-3 hours break until the party so I could go home, have a shower and make myself proper for partying hard ;) The dress was bough from the USA and I love it dearly :) It was a bargain!

This dress actually was bought especially for the ocasion as I felt the need for yet another green dress ;))) and it was most obviously calling out for me when I entered H&M :p Here you can see me dancing my fav Romanian traditional dance for weddings: Brasoveanca <3 It is a simple dance and it goes from really slow to really fast... the guy mainly sits in one place and the girl just switched under his arm, but somehow, as easy as it sounds, it leaves you breathless ;))

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Thank you again Ioana for letting me be your very own Green Bridesmaid :*

The Green-Dressed LadyBug :*