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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Multicultural Wine & Food Night @ Saturday Evening

Dear friends,

I must admit I had a very nice Saturday again :) And I am again sorry I did not get to post the pictures earlier :)

We went for a long walk from our place to Main Square  and then to Wawel Castle and further on to Most Grunwaldzki where we took a tram in order to get to my fiancee's friends place, where we were invited for supper :) I always enjoy the Saturday and Sunday walks we have together and even though I stress my fiancee about taking the camera, and even though I have the habit of taking pictures of all the weird things I see (street art, cute children, weird reflections and so on...) he is awesome and always stands by me. Each time he promises me that next time we will not take the camera but then when the time comes he is always sweet enough to take it again with us :) What can I say?! The camera is for me like the 3rd eye... or 3rd hand... like a good friend that does not let you down :)

I just could not help on taking this picture of the entrance of the pub... "The deepest pub in the city!"... say what?! deep in what way?! :p

Here you can see my lovely fiancee strolling away so he would not be caught on camera again :)

Lovely gate we were always passing through when we were circling the Wawel Castle. The green and black always makes a knock-out combination, does it not?!

I knocked and knocked and noone was home so I decided to peep in :p

And of course the traditional weekend selfie picture :p 

Me and awesome Wawel Castle in the background :) lovely pictures done by my fiancee in his own style ;)

Luckly enough we had an awesome weekend :) In Poland most of the times it is the other way around: awesome weather from Monday till Friday and rain-rain-rain during weekends. I have to say that the last few weeks we were happy and had a good weather for our usual walks so I could take pictures :)

 Surprising for me - as I have been living in Krakow for more than 2 years now - I have never seen this  doubledecker before! It was a Krakow Sightseeing Bus! :o quite a shock!

Here you can see my fiancee checking the map on his phone, after we got off the bus :)

But... we managed! we were on time! I must admit my fiancee is awesome with maps and has great intuition where the map fails ;) so all was well and I began to take pictures freneticly of the cute things I bumped into. The picture above was of the fresh garlic bread with herbs and the dip was made out of blue cheese and garlic too :)

Plus some lemonade that went up nicely ;) Mint and Lemons are good friends - everyone knows that!

We started with a bit of fruits :) Watermelons are always good and detoxifying (especially if you plan ahead of having a rough night of wine... testing :)...)

Marek's friend prepared a traditional british dish that resembled very much to Moussaka but it turned out to be something like Sheperds Pie... except it was not made out of lamb but beef... I somehow got confused over the dish but it did not matter as it tasted awesome! The meat-potatoe-cheese layers were perfect and the whole combination just melted in your mouth :)

Of course we also had some wine with that ;) We started with a white Romanian wine I adore :) "Grasa de Cotnari" is one of our best white wines in the region I was born! and then we followed with red wine - one from France, one from USA (California) and one from... I forgot where :S

He had a short icecream break :p Kit Kat does miracles ;)

 And while we had nice and bubbly conversation (like sparkly water) we had a lot of fun and I took again loads of pictures :) but the ones with the corks I particulary like ;)

So I would like to thank again - through the Internet waves - my fiancee and his lovely friend (and awesome girlfriend ;) ) for a lovely Saturday evening :)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Yours truly, With loads of love, the LadyBug :)