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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Cultural Sunday :)

Dear friends,

Don't think I will leave you with just a short post today :) Even if it is a lovely post with songs from the most magical band ever: Queen (of course, doh! The greatest rock band of all times with the most awesome lead man! May he rest in peace!)

I am going to tell you some more of my last weekend :) Well you all know what I did on Saturday so I will tell you more of what I have been doing with my lovely fiancee on Sunday ;) After getting home and having a long and well deserved sleep we woke up, had a short snack, watched a movie and we figured out we should go out for the usual walk... I proposed to go to the Krakow Planty and read a book under the trees (as I have not done that for quite a while and I was missing it). My lovely fiancee agreed so... off we went :)

Here was my little snack (or treat...) consisting of ananas juice (well you already know by now how much I love/adore fruits, and the ananas is one of my personal fav since I was a small child) and awesome cheesecake :p

Here is a close-up on the cheesecake for which I never need a spoon :p yes, I know, shame on me for not being a lday but heck! I am inside the house with only my fiancee so if I want I can hold it like pizza and eat it from the floor (if it is very clean and sanitized!) as Joey did (in Friends).

After reading a while on the park bench near the Barbakan we decided to have the walk back home via the second route (not the main road with all the noise and vehicles and such...).

I prefer this route via Plac Jana Matejki as I get to see the Grunwald statue and a bunch of the old buildings :) That is how I got to do these pictures here :)

And this Sunday was actually the first time I actually saw this clock on this building... shame on me! took me 2 years to see that?! :o

And again, as I said, in Krakow it is hard not to bump into streetart :) in this case a blue bird :) Later I googled it and the site is valid. You can check it HERE. And it is a StreetWare Shop :) with quite nice t-shirts from what I could see ;) And best of all, it has international shipment ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!** 

Here is a small coffee and sweet shop I have been meaning to try but I don't manage to :) But it is on my "To Do" list ;) no worries you will be notified :p

And here I am! All in H&M clothing: both blouse and pants - I cannot help it, it is my fav shop along with Orsay for dresses and bags and House for everything :p

Here was another nice colorful feats for the eyes door I could not help to notice and take picture of :)

And the cherry on top of the cake was this mailbox for this bookshop called "Gandalf" - magical name, is it not?! And quite appropriate for a bookstore ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Well... until we meet next time...
Goodbye from the LadyBug :*