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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Relax. Take it Easy! ;)

Dear Friends,

I know it is Tuesday and thankfully Wicked Monday passed... what we need now is a boost that would help us to get to Awesome Friday <3
 Feel free to pick one of the awesome pill bottles above: Empathy, Hope, Joy, Love and Peace :)
I suggest a combination of all the above ;) taken daily and in sufficient dosage your life will get better and you will not think of evil things that cloud your judgement... like reports, tickets, mails to send and things to process... put that aside and smile to the awesome world outside :)

So... What can I say?! Relax. Take it Easy! ;)

P.S. Picture was take last year, in a lovely June afternoon, in Wawel Castle <3 a place I dearly love and makes me feel awesome each time I visit it ;) 

With love and joy,

The Loving and Hopefully Emphatic LadyBug :*