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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Remembering Easter

Dear friends,

I was thinking of the Easter I had 2 years ago... My first Easter in Poland. It was quite weird to have - for the first time - 2 Easters in one year: one catholic and one orthodox :) Traditions are different and thank God, by now I am starting to get a hang on things.The first weeks in Poland for me were for discovering new things and one of the first places I visited was a cemetery. Yes! I know... I am not quite normal... But it was a shock for me to see from the outside how festive the whole cemetery was! (if you can say festive in regards to a cemetery...)

Here, in Poland, people come around the Easter Day to the graves and place offerings to the ones that died. As I was walking through the cemetery - which, by the way, is one of the oldest cemeteries in Krakow (except the Jewish Cemetery in Kazimierz) - I saw full baskets of flowers and sweets.

I will post below some pictures from that walk :)

 A blossoming tree that I found inside the cemetery...

Life covers death and spring brings light :)

Again, a shot showing how life conquers death...

The baskets I told you about:) Also in the background you can see a chocolate bunny rabbit!

The children, lighting candles in front of a monument commemorating the Second World War - yes, you can see machine guns there ;)

Lovely statue over a grave - sometime... when I will have time... maybe I will do the sketch :)

With loads of love,

The LadyBug