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Monday, 29 July 2013

Saturday Night Out - Coffee, Lemonade And Books With A Sprinkle Of Movies

Dear friends,

 I have to say I had quite a lovely and hot Saturday this weekend :)

Me and my fiancee waited until around 2:30 PM to get out of the house as it was steaming hot! When we got to the main road and we could check the temperature I was astonished to see there were 37 degrees Celsius on the shade vs. over 51 degrees at the road level... Not a bit of wind was blowing but still I must admit that it was bearable as there were the clouds :)

Out main mission of the day was to meet with one of our lovely friends (Ewa <3 insert hug here) and go with her to the Galeria Kazimierz and see "The Lone Ranger" - the movie with Johnny Depp (and of course the adorable Helena Bonham Carter).

We went by foot to the Main Square and we found out that next to the Galeria Krakowska was a setup for bouldering - you could try it out for free the entire day :) Unfortunately as we were setup on the track and I was not properly dresses for such an enterprise... (I was wearing a dress...) we had to pass this chance :p

When we got further on, to the Main Market Square, there was a flea market so we ended up looking around all the old and antiques and the handmade products - that is always entertaining!

But as the weather progressed we went off to find a cool spot until the time would be right to meet Ewa ;)

So I got to pick a cooling spot next :) I will get to tell you about one of my fav coffee shops and book place ever :)

Friends, I have the pleasure to introduce you to : "Bona - książka i kawa" - you can find them on Facebook HERE or on the internet HERE :)

It is a lovely place with a terrace outside (looking on to the St. Peter and Pawel Church) :) In the winter you can sit inside and have a hot choco or a hot tea and read a book (or if you like it, you can even buy the book! :p) and in the summer you can have fresh tarts and lemonade and maybe even fruit filled pierogi ;) Homemade!

My fiancee had Americano coffe and I had some lemonade :)

You can spot the place easily as outside you have a wall sculpture of a shelve of books :)
P.S. I must admit that seeing my hair in the pictures vs. real life is a whole different perspective! I just figured out how long it got! :o

Of course they do have the menu also in english ;) (have no fear!) and the ladies working there are very friendly and helpful :) 

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

 When we got back to the Main Square we bumped into this old Cadillac sitting in front of St.Mary Church - it was setup with flowers (for a wedding, obviously! I think we saw around 7 brides that day! And 2 of them at the same time - talking)

I really like this picture: wheel, cap and gloves <3

We met with Ewa eventually and we went for the movie :) I think I will do a review of the movie later on... this month :p as I must admit I was pretty not happy to see it as it looked at first like a dumbish movie - saved by lovely Johnny Depp and Helena B.Carter and Ruth Wilson (whom I adore since I saw her in Jane Eyre). But!!! It grew on me! Especially some of the scenes that I regard as amazing :) great choreography and music and scenery ;)
P.S.S. I love that the light from inside the cinema made my ticket look so... bloody and dramatic :p

After enjoying the movie we had a long walk along Vistula river, down to the Wawel Castle :) and up to the Small Market Square where there was an Animation Festival - we stayed for 2 of their short movies - and then further on to Plac Szczepanski where we sat down and talked and laughed until we figured out that is after 1 and we should go home and rest ;)))
P.S.S.S. I am really proud of the picture with the spider (which Ewa showed me :) ) and of the ballon reflection! :) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... on the fact that Saturday we did more than 10 km walking! :)

A small marathon ;)

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

With love,

The LadyBug :*