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Saturday, 20 July 2013

StreetArt Rules ;)

Dear friends,

I must admit I love finding weird things that noone else observes :)

Since I came to Poland - to Krakow - I loved walking out and about the city and finding new things. One of my fav things in Krakow is Street Art. For example when I came here 2 years ago I started to fin - randomly, while I was strolling - this bunny rabbits... First I thought it was just one, following me... but it ends up there are a bunch... in all color and sizes :) Some are sad... some are happy... some are upset... some are... just plain weird :) Here is one of them:

He was hiding behind a garbage bin somewhere near Galeria Kazimierz :)

As I am a huge Star Wars fan I could not pass by this little fellow (he is very very very small and you could easily not see him, as he was posted at the level of the pavement). He is still next to my old flat, somewhere near Plac Biskupia :)

This fellow can be found at the end of Krowoderska street :) and he has a sound advice for us: "Just listen to the sounds of life" - indeed he is a cute guy and quite big - it would be very hard to miss him ;) someday maybe I will take a picture with him ;p

Kidding aside, Krakow has a lot more street art to offer... just keep your eyes open and check every corner as beautiful things come to life where you would expect them the least :)

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pics... they were taken with my lovely friend - the mobile :)

Yours truly,

The Street-Art-Lover LadyBug :)