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Monday, 1 July 2013

The Anatomy Of A Strawberry

Dear friends,

Here is The Anatomy Of A Strawberry :) ENJOY!!!

First, you take a randomly cute strawberry and you place it in the middle of the small plate, full of sweet sugar (brown would have been better but I had none in the house, at the moment the pictures were made...)

You dip it in the sugar - also a bit sideways so you would have a nice sugary crust :)

Further dipping...

Bite it tenderly as it is a cute strawberry and it needs to tell you its own story ;)

Eat it with great care while analysing its content :)

Don't squash its soul... let it be perfect until the very last bite ;)

 P.S. Pictures were taken on the 18th of June and were saved until this very last moment, when you have no strawberries around, so I would torture you :p

Sweet strawberry kisses from yours truly,

LadyBug :)