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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Unexpected Expected Gift :)

Dear friends,

Today I received an "Unexpected Expected Gift" :)

A collegue/friend from work went to Turkey on a European Project for almost a week and she asked me if I would like her to send me a postcard via post. As my fiancee's hobby is collecting poscards from everywhere in the world (and as he has a huge collection over all the continents) I asked my friend to send me the postcards from Turkey :)

During her stay though she was very busy and I really hope she had an awesome time (but hey! already I know she had a great time! :) so...) and she contacted me and told me she would not have time to send me the postcard. I was sad but I was happy for her experiences :)

Today she came back and... SURPRISE!!! I had to choose 2 postcards - so I choose the 2 I am showing you here in the pictures ;) The first one was this one with the Blue Moschee as it pulled my eye the first moment I saw it and the second one is with a view from the Turkish Baths where my friend was too :) Also I received from her a magnet with Istanbul :)

Of course the lovely postcards were given to my awesome fiancee and I positioned proudly the Turkey Magnet on the fridge door :) It is a habit now to buy in each trip magnets and give them to my mum and my granny - each of them have the doors full with magnets from where I have been :) I have magnets from friends, from where they have been :) Well... everyone is entitled to its share of memories :)

All the best everyone :* And thank you again, dear heart, for the gift :*

The LadyBug :*