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Thursday, 25 July 2013

When Books Are Your Best Friend

Dear friends,

Who doesn't enjoy a good book?! Sometimes a book can even become your best friend and as you let on through your crazy life it can be a shoulder you can cry on or a help in need... I know that nowadays it is not a custom thing to do: to read! God forbid you should pick up a book out of your own good will and start reading it... pfff... and why pick up a book if you can get to see the movie... or better yet! you can get to play the game! :o

I must admit I always loved books. Ever since I was a wee child I would rather prance along with my book and find a good place to read than actually playing along with children... I guess that would make me a introvert... right?! Eh! well... I got better in getting to know people in time :p and right now even my fiancee feels amazed and sometimes overwhelmed by the number of people I know and talk with during the month :)

I must agree to the quote in the picture above...  It is very hard to pick up a favorite book as you would do injustice to so many great books... But I must admit I rather like Fiction and Fantasy most of all :)
I adore Tolkien - the way he writes and the way he managed to open the doors to the Fantasy gender, the way he managed to create a logical and beautiful/melodic language, the way he could imagine a whole new world and all the characters and their history/background and their personalities and connections... For me he was brilliant! and I love all his books!!!
I also love C.S. Lewis with his fantasy for children being connected to the world and the word of the Bible. I love the way he created the characters and the way he brings the story to life... the way you get sucked to the story like a whirlpool...

I loved since I was a little girl Jane Austen and all her novels that made me wait and believe in true love that goes over barriers of pride, prejudice, family, persuasion (from yourself and others)... I always believed that everyone has his/her own soul mate somewhere... waiting... be it close or far away...
I also loved the Bronte Sisters as their love was a tad more cruel and more hard to get to then Jane's but nonetheless the happiness was sweeter or the pain was sharper in the end :)
I grew up with Alexandre Dumas - both father and son - and that is how I learned about France and its wonderful history... about the guillotine... about the French Revolution... about never-ending love and musketeers who would give their life for the country and for love...

 I believe in reading as it brings you up in a world where YOU are making the movie. YOU make your own characters look like YOU want to and you are not forced by a movie to a image that will not fit the real story - the real book - the real idea. So what I would wish for everyone in this world is to start their life... in their childhood... reading books! Not watching movies or playing video games...
I heard the other day that someone, after watching Lord of The Rings, was shocked that they made a book so fast after the movie... (insert facepalm here...) How can one dare to say that he is a LOTR (insert here any other book that became a movie) FAN and say something like that?!

Well... what am I expecting when I can see clear that we are in the age of speed where no one gives a flying color of other people... dreams have no color and they are a recap of what one sees on TV or in the cinemas (yes... those horrible Multiplex cinema's that take away the life out of the real movies...)

What can I say?! I will always agree with Cicero, who said: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” But I heard that it is fashionable nowadays to have in the living a shelf of books (you know... some classics or some popular books...) for people to SEE how cultural you are. It does not matter that you have never touched those books except to dust them, once in a while...

I - for one - am a Librocubicularist :p and I am not afraid to say that! My fiancee knows it, my family knows it since I was small and I was staying up late to read yet another and another chapter... and my friends definitely know that as they are mostly like myself :p

What can I say?!

I am the LadyBug and I LOVE to read! :)