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Friday, 13 December 2013

LadyBugs! LadyBugs Everywhere!

Dear friends,

On the 5th of December, upon coming home with my sister (leaving the parents to spend some time at the amazing museum of Schindlers Factory) I was greeted home by my lovely husband (then still fiance and husband-to-be) with a box full of ladybugs!!! After the cold from outside seeing them made me smile and warm up as fast as you can say cupcakes :) I ran in the next second for my camera in order to take some pictures of them :)
There was a full box of 8 adorable and delicate cupcakes homemade by one of our friends :) He and/or his fiancee baked them and Marek picked them up on his way home. They were the sweetest present ever! Not to mention that 4 of them were with flowers and 4 were with flowers and a ladybug! and the ladybugs were so darn cute with their tiny spots and their cute and small happy smile. And they looked so tasty!!!
But we had to behave and wait for my parents to come back and for my awesome husband to finish the meal... and than to eat it... and then! We had each cupcakes! And they were so darn good! Did I mention they were green? (my fav color, of course) and the green cream on top was the most delicious thing ever! (I later on found out the secret ingredient! muah hah ha!)
Funny part... I keep hearing that people should not start connections on a wrong foot as it would be very hard to change that first impression... I guess that is not a truth generally acknowledged - well at least for me... as I did start it on the wrong foot with Pawel. Heck! I even yelled on him on the parking lot (for the whole world to see and hear, which was not very lady like!)... but in time, from being evil to eachother, we started talking and we found out that we had very much in common - like movies, books and photography - and we became good friends :)
That is why I never wish to have negative thoughts... though they do happen from time to time... I never liked having strong negative thoughts. Like hate! Hate is a strong feeling that can eat you up from inside until you are no longer whole but you have a masive cave inside of you that nothing in the world can fill it (according to ones thought at that time... there is always something or Someone who can fill that gap!).
I rather prefer to love and to hope and be more like Pollyanna... at least she saw the best in life and took only the good things. I admit it! I tend to stay on extreme poles: I am either hot or I am cold - I am either black or I am white... it is hard to see things in between... I find it hard to see in gray. It is either I am wrong or I am right. Well unfortunately people are not like that... people are like water, they shift, they change, they can be ice, they can be vapour, they can be liquid and some can just slip from your hands...

I have friends that stayed in my life and remained a constant since the first moment I saw them - Dana being one of them :* - and I had friends who stayed just for a little bit... I had friends who choose another path and other people to meet... I have friends who call me once in a while yet I know they are there for me. People change and time changes people. Sometimes we are prepared for it, sometimes we are not. But I believe that God gives us friends so he can test us and so that we would learn. We are made as social individuals. We are not made to stay alone. We are made to communicate and to love and to share. And I hope I am doing my share of all the above :) 

P.S. Thank you again Pawel and Paulina for the amazing and cute and sweet cupcakes! :*

Yours truly,
The LadyBug