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Saturday, 21 December 2013

No Christmas Without Hogwarts

Dear friends,

Ever since I read and watched Harry Potter - long live J.K.Rowling! - I always put together the movies with the feeling of Christmas and celebration. In every part of the series you can see the festivities and the Great Hall all dresses up... Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry always looks very homelike during Christmas. And even though I do not agree on the Headmaster abusing of Hagrid - hey! did you not that ever since first part Hagrid is simply dragging that huge tree from the forest to the yard and forward on to the Great Hall by itself?! When just a flick of the wand would make it get there in the blink of an eye?! - I must admit that Christmas @ Hogwarts is something I wished to be part of ever since I first put my eyes on the Great Hall ;)))
That is why I was glad when my husband - my fiance back then ;)) - bought for me as a Christmas present (last year, actually!) the whole Harry Potter series. We took it with us when we went to Romania for the Christmas and New Year and we watched them together. It was his first time... and he really enjoyed it. We watched the first night one movie, the next night two and the third night 3! :) He was not so touched by the last parts (as was I too!) and I sincerly wish he would have read the books before so he would understand more of the background on some characters that were not so well presented in the movie - take for example Lupin and Tonks. This year my husband proposed a rerun as it is the perfect series for the season so we finished the first 3 parts... 5 more to go! Join us in the marathon and let us know of your thoughts ;)

Yours truly,
The Hogwarts & J.K.Rowling Fan LadyBug