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Monday, 16 December 2013

Zurek And Pierogi Prosze

Dear friends,

I shall skip the part with the memories of my civil ceremony as I want to make a post on that as soon as I feel like I can talk about it freely. Right now I am afraid I cannot. You will know soon details of the day and you will have a lot of pictures to feist your eyes upon. In the meanwhile I shall jump over Saturday the 7th - the day of our wedding - and go to Sunday, when I had to say goodbye to my pea in the pod, Dana.
She travelled all the way from Germany, from Koln, in order to see us and be with us in this most important date of our lifes. She had to switch 2 flights and come from Katowice by bus in order to be here at Friday, 6th December, at around 11 pm. I got to say proper goodbye to her Sunday afternoon. She had to leave early in the morning Monday and I could not meet her that day as my parents and sister were leaving as well. My parents left around 3 pm (the bus was late one hour...) and I wanted to sit with them as much as I possibly could.
Now me and Dana established a tradition between ourselves so that each time she would come here we would go to Babcia Malina and have some traditional homemade food. Dana tried before - in February she visited us and went with us to the very same place ;) - Zurek and Pierogi so we agreed we would always have the same - who wouldn't?! they are the best things EVER!!!
Before meeting Dana though we went through the Galeria Krakowska where I had the pleasure of snapping the above pictures with Santa Claus (here they call him Saint Nicholas and he comes on the 6th-7th December not on the 24th-25th!) and the lovely warm light Christmas trees. Is he not adorable?! (my husband, I mean...). We met my adorable soul sister in time in the Market Square and we went for a small walk to our very own place, where we ordered the warm goodies :)
Quietly awaiting for the good food :)
I know that holding spoons like that is not very ladylike but you have to excuse us :p we were having fun!
We had a great time and we talked and we shared thoughts and ideas and I hope I shall see Dana very soon. We are planning (me and my awesome husband) to visit her next year in Koln, somewhere in February or March, so please keep the fingers crossed for us so that all goes well. I would love to see Koln and I have never been to Germany so this would be a perfect start :) not to mention getting to be with Dana again!
After the lunch we went out for a stroll to the Main Square, to the Christmas Market, as Dana did not get a chance to see it. Marek bought black kitten earrings for my sister and some cute matrioska earrings for me. I can hardly wait to wear them. I was thinking that Christmas Day would be a proper timing, but we shall see!
Dana took a while to find the perfect earrings for her small and delicate ears but we managed to find the perfect earrings that blended in with her hair and skin color. She also picked a small and oval black and white necklace that I can hardly wait to see in some pictures ;) (that is a hint to you, Dana :p) I never saw that earring - ring - necklace - cuffling place until now but I will surely keep an eye on it as it really had some nice stuff ;) I wanna explore some more!
We said our goodbyes in the Main Square and we left for home and Dana went for the hostel. I surely hope to see her very very very soon! Please join with me in keeping fingers crossed for the beginning of the year!
After that we went to the Galeria Kazimierz back again as we needed to buy a few more things on the way and we got to see a bit of a puppet show. Look at all those adorable children having fun! Sometimes I think of how life was when I was small. How easy our decisions were. How few worries we had. How much free time we had on our hands. How young and happy our parents and grandparents were... I miss that! I miss being a child...
Especially during holidays... during Easter and Christmas we feel things more painful. Like the passing of time. Like loosing some things and gaining others. Now I wish you all not to be sad but be happy for the time that we have. Do not dwell upon the past or think about the future but rather stay here. In this moment! And make the best you can of it.

**I didn't receive anything for this review, just wanted to share the love!**

Yours truly,
The LadyBug :)