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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Drops Of Life

Dear friends,

I don't know about you but I think time is contracting, it is shrinking. When I was small I used to think time was limitless and that I could do everything I wanted in just one day. Now it is like time is slipping through my fingers. The end of the year provides you the opportunity to think of what you have done until that point and this year it frightened me to realise that I have been in Poland for over 3 years and that I have turned 27. When did that time pass by?! Did you guys feel that or am I the only one going insane here?!...
This Weekend time passed by so fast that I did not even realise when Sunday hit us like a hammer! We are used to having Saturday/Sunday walks to this city center and this time we nearly missed it... But fear not! We were fast enough to get our grooves back and on Sunday afternoon we went out for a walk in the Main Square, through Florianska to see a bit of the Christmas Market next to the Sukienicce. Yes, my friends, the market is still open so get moving if you still wanna catch it! I was happy I could get out the camera for a run as lately I do not feel inspired or in the mood for taking pictures and everything I take seems to be horrid and dull... Maybe it is just a phase! But I wanted to share with you these 2 collage images I made from Sunday's photos. We had a pretty good walk and even though the weather was gloomy and sad - Saturday it rained all night and Sunday was very cloudy, grey & milky - I managed to get some colorful shots :)
I know it is hard to pick things up after the holidays - for those who had that, for those who didn't I can feel your pain! - and it is hard to reorganise but I am sure you will manage to do that in time. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the little things, like a walk with your husband/other half. Like I did :) There are so many beautiful things to see, if we only open our heart and our eyes. It could be a rose sign on a wall, a bunch of mistletoe hanging from a wall with lights on it blinking, pidgeons hurling and attacking pieces of bread left by the bystanders, a shop with Christmas dolls, a playtoy for children in front of a coffee shop and even a sticker with a weird crazy cat with odd long fangs ;))) you get your pick! Let us be children again and forget about time... let us be happy for the small things in life. Let us have a happy day, no matter what! Let us make the drops of life count and when we would reach the end of the well say that the water was good. That it was cold and cristal clear, like our souls!

Yours truly,
Your Friend The LadyBug :*