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Monday, 6 January 2014

FB Year In Review

Dear friends,

I know we are already 6 days away from the New Year Celebration but I just had to share with you the lastest hip thing in town when it comes to Facebook. Thank God for social media! It is so much more easy to see what you have done the past year and review the things that struck people the most. Facebook developed an algorithm that somehow calculates your "Top 20 biggest moments on FB in 2013" - I can only assume it is based on the number of views, likes and comments for each item. But hey! I am a huge fan of Facebook so bring it on!
I actually love each and every moment that FB picked up:
1. A picture of me and my adorable mum - posted on the 3rd of January 2013 when I went home for Christmas and New Years with my fiance ;)
My Awesome Mum :*
2. A cultural day we took on the 16th of January - we went to the Muzeum Narodowe - Muzeum Czartoryskich & Muzeum Narodowe OddziaƂ Dom Jana Matejki. My personal fav was the House Of Jan Matejko, the painter :) Also in the museum they have several paintings of his but my fav is one of a lady who has a bracelet made out of her own hair and both the painting and the bracelet are on display! The National Museums were open since the 27th of December 2012 until the 27th of January 2013 for free and we took the chance as we love museums and art so that was one great present!
3. Celebrating my other half in Wien - as a birthday present to my adorable fiance (he is born in the beginning of March) I bought us a trip to Vienna as we both never were there. We stayed over from the 1st of March till the 4th and we had a great time and we visited a lot and we also managed to see one of my best friends who was on a internship there :)
Gloriette Schonbrunn
4. A new haircut and a new haircolor - I must admit I do not do this often and I hate going to a hairdresser but on the other half I adore long hair and I will never have my hair short. Did that mistake right before I turned 18 and I had to spend 5 years of my life waiting to change my ID - actually my picture, in which I looked like a boy! On March 6th I went hot redhaired and cut a few good cm of my hair - more then split ends, my friend!!! + the hairdresser wanted to try me out with my hair slick and straight... I must admit I liked the result and so did my fiance so I got as a "Women's Day" gift a hair straightener ;)))
5. 21st March... A quote a really love and I bet you all know from where it is ;) "You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet."
6. 2nd May 2013 - 1 year since our engagement ;))) I was saying on FB "1 engagement year down - 1 to go :D" ... well... surprise! It did not take us another year to get married ;)
7. 15th May 2013 - my fiance changes his job and I am shouting it out "Congratulations to my wonderful fiancee on the new awesome position" - we were in Romania for a small holiday when he got the awesome news and we started jumping up and down the house. I am proud of him and I am proud to say that he is busting his arse for the job but the awesome part is he gets recognised for that :) Go Go Go!!!
8. 18th May 2013 - one of the motives of our coming to Romania was also a good friends wedding. FB selected the picture of me and the glorious bride and of Ioana whom you already know :) Ioana's brother, Dan, married Oana - the bride :p It is all in the family ;)
9. 19th May 2013 - "Memorialul International al Lumanarilor Aprinse - Concert Andrei Bauer, Cosmin Vaman si Alexandra Andrei Run for AIDS. About it:"
10. 24th June 2013 - The International Day of The Romanian Blouse -
More here: 
11. 25th June 2013 -  2 years in Poland already... and counting ;)
12. 4th August 2013 - the bunch of pictures from when Ioana came to visit us for 2 weeks in Krakow and did her tattoo are extremely popular ;)
13. 30th August 2013 - a number of pictures with me and my other half going out and having fun in the sun, in Krakow - to be noted that since I opened this blog, in May, I started to post pictures and statuses less and less on Facebook so everything I posted there started to be very interesting for my friends, until they learned I moves here ;))) 
14. "About an awesome 1st of September With 2 persons I love:"
15."Lazy Days With Dear Friends
More here:

16. 5th October 2013 and "Lovely Autumn Day - Autumn Walk along Wisla River
17. 9th November 2013 - "2nd attempt to see the famous Da Vinci painting... no luck... well I am sure that the 3rd time will be the charm in the meanwhile we visited a bit more of the castle" - State Rooms & The Lost Wawel
18. 7th December 2013 - from fiance & fiancee we became husband & wife. We became a Family and we had our parents and dear ones next to us. I know I have not posted about that yet but I am not ready still... I am sorry, dear friends, please be patient with me :* But 259 friends were kind enough to like the only picture I have posted on FB so I will also share it with you.
Everyone keeps telling me I looked somehow like a fairy ;))
19. More of 7th December 2013 - after coming home from the Civil Marriage and the small lunch with the family the first thing that I did was changing the FB status, of course my awesome husband asked me if I wanna do it... I think he could see that I really wanted to do that! ;))) And then we had a flood of comments and likes... the usual :)

20. On the 30th of December my kick arse husband changed his profile picture with another of our Civil Wedding shots and that, my friends, was the last highlight of the year! Proud of him I am very! :* He is my best friend and I thank God we "bumped" into eachother :)

Yours truly,
A LadyBug Who Is Thankful To God For A Beautiful Year That Has Passed