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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I Am The Soldier Of Revolution!

Dear friends,

When I was a wee lass I would believe that I have magical powers and that I am undestructible just like the beautiful Sailors from the manga Sailor Moon.It was a harmless dream that I shared with my sister and my aunt - as we all 3 used to play together and watch Sailor Moon day and night... We were never the main 5 Sailors. We did not think they fitted our personalities... although at the beginning I was very much into Sailor Venus - who looked very much alike Sailor Moon! We agreed that we were more under the 2nd story arc and that we were Sailor Neptune - my aunt, Sailor Uranus - my sister (who even had her haircut, back then!) and Sailor Pluto - me! :)
Sailor Pluto is a fictional lead character in the Sailor Moon media franchise, created by Naoko Takeuchi. The alternate identity of Setsuna Meioh (冥王 せつな Meiō Setsuna, or Trista Meioh in the English adaptations), a college student, she belongs to the "Sailor Senshi", female supernatural fighters who the franchise's main girl characters transform into to fulfill their duty of protecting the Solar System and the franchise's eponymous protagonist from evil. Sailor Pluto is not introduced until late in the Sailor Moon R series. She is the soldier who guards the gates of time. She is first seen contacting Chibiusa through Luna-P. Sailor Pluto refers to Chibiusa as "Small Lady." Chibiusa usually calls Sailor Pluto by the nickname "Puu" (subtitled as "Plu" in the S season subs). She acts as Chibiusa's guardian.
After the events of the second story arc, she leaves the gates of time to temporarily live as a human being, joins the rest of the Outer Senshi, and becomes a university student studying physics. The exact nature of how she leaves her post differs between versions; in the manga, she is reincarnated in present day by Neo-Queen Serenity after sacrificing herself during the second arc, while in the anime Neo-Queen Serenity allows her to leave. Even in her civilian form, Setsuna is the oldest of the Sailor Team, around her late teens or older. Her personality has been described as distant and somewhat lonely, however she does consistently display warmth and affection for Chibiusa. When she reincarnates, she becomes more friendly, but is still not very emotional, although there are moments in the manga where she expresses much more emotion than the anime. She later cares for Hotaru along with Michiru and Haruka.
Unlike the other Senshi, it is questioned whether she is fully human—she has been described as "a goddess, eternally guarding the Portal of Space and Time". She was born under the sun sign Scorpio, the equivalent for Pluto. (GUESS WHAT?! I did not choose my Sailor but it appears that the right Sailor choose me, as I am a sign Scorpio ;) )
Sailor Pluto's precise abilities and knowledge of the past and present are only vaguely defined, although a common theory is a form of omniscience, possibly due to her portrayal in the anime. For example, she was presumably aware of the two sailor soldiers carrying the mystical objects they were hunting for, but did not inform them and allowed various people to be attacked. (This differs greatly from the manga, and may be a simple continuity error.) This omniscience is represented as being able to watch through the gates of time, and such. Sailor Pluto appears in just a few TV episodes. Unlike Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, she is sympathetic toward the Guardian Senshi, and assists them on several occasions. During the second story arc, she allows them to travel through time even though this is not ordinarily allowed. In the third story arc, she often extends help or advice to Sailor Moon and her companions even when Sailors Uranus and Neptune want the two groups separate. Later, Setsuna joins the Guardian Senshi in investigating the true identity of ChibiChibi. In the manga, she is an inspiration to Ami, and her relationship with Ami gives Sailor Mercury additional strength to power-up to her Super form.
Sailor Pluto has additional, less cited influences and spheres of dominion in her manga incarnation, influences that are vaguely suggested in the anime, but never made explicit. Sailor Pluto is much darker in her initial form in the manga, identified as the "Guardian of the Underworld" with very dark skin and a black sailor uniform. She is also stated to be the daughter of Chronos, god of time. She is a ruthless soldier who follows rather exacting laws, executing any intruders who dare violate the underworld in search for the Gates of Time. She nearly kills Sailor Moon before realizing who she is, stating that "all who break the taboo must be eliminated". Luna also states to the others that no one is to even know that she (Sailor Pluto) exists, due to her dominion and nature, and that to her knowledge no one has ever seen her. Luna calls her a "lone warrior," noting the sadness in her eyes.
In the manga, Pluto's death scene vaguely implies a romantic interest in Endymion, though this is never explored again. In the Sailor Moon musicals, Sailor Pluto has an unrequited love for King Endymion. It is explicitly mentioned in Eien Denetsu and Shin - Densetsu Kourin, in the song Onna no Ronsou ("Woman's Conflicts"). In the manga, it can only be inferred from depictions of Pluto blushing while around King Endymion, her reaction when he runs to comfort her during her death and in artwork depicting Neo-Queen Serenity, Pluto, and King Endymion. Various situations in the musicals have shown Pluto's unrequited love; for example, Tuxedo Mask's actor, Yuuta Mochizuki being leaned on by the actress of Sailor Pluto, Rei Saitou, and commenting on his new year's resolution: to be by Pluto's side.
A small quirk occurs in continuity between the manga and anime. Sailor Pluto (temporarily) expires in both, but at different times; her death in the manga occurs much earlier and reawakens the good side of the possessed Chibiusa. However, for all intents and purposes, in the manga the technicality of Sailor Pluto existing outside of time means she is able to be reincarnated as a normal woman while still existing back at her post at the Time Gate. Even in her civilian form, she is depicted as older and more sophisticated than the other Sailor Senshi characters.
Well you can bump and grind
If it's good for your mind
Well you can twist and shout
Let it all hang out

But you won't fool the Children of the Revolution
No you won't fool the Children of the Revolution
No, no...
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Children Of The Revolution lyrics :)
Sailor Pluto: Guarded by Pluto, planet of time. I am the soldier of revolution, Sailor Pluto!
I always loved Sailor Pluto - with her straight stature and long dark green hair flowing... She was strong and silent and powerful and unique at the same time. She loved children and she gave up her life in order to save others. She was quite a revolutionary and she had this beautiful power that I wished I would have - sometimes now I wish I had it too, who am I kidding?! - The Power Over Time! She was in some way misunderstood and somehow cast aside by the other Sailors and partially by herself - and I could relate to that when I was smaller... The main 4 Sailors had Sailor Moon, Uranus was always with Neptune and she was mainly alone... sometimes with Chibiusa but let us face it, she is a small lass and Pluto was a lady already. Pluto is not just a Sailor but also a goddess, the daughter of Chronos! Though she does not appear in many episodes she is the one that stole my heart - I wanted to grow up just like her! Is it a coincidence that I was born under the Scorpio sign or that I love the green color attribuited to her?!
In The Process Of Creating Sailor Pluto
God - through my mum, of course - gave me the gift of drawing/sketching. I did that since I was a wee lass and this is usually how I would relax. My mother would help me and teach me from time to time and when we had holidays and trips she used to buy me paper and pencils and we would both sit and draw and she would explain to me the perspective and the power that shades have upon a form... I am not a pro and I rather copy than create drawings/images but it makes me happy and takes my mind of things that worry me or burden me... 2011 was a very productive year for me... it was my beginning in the corporation I am still working in - the one that brought me to my husband ;) - and it was the time in which, I believe, I remember drawing/sketching the most... At first I did it in my lunch breaks, out of boredom or when I saw a nice subject or when I saw a new cartoon movie and wanted to see if I still have it... In time, my colleagues noticed and they wanted sketches as well. I am horrible when it comes to the human face so instead I draw them Disney Princesses or Sailor Moon characters and gave them away as presents. They were happy and I was occupied for a while ;)

**I did not mean this post as a show off, I just wanted to share with you my love over this beautiful character from the manga/anime - Sailor Pluto. I do not know if you ever watched/read it but I really recommend it, especially for wee lasses ;) It is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Hanna Montana or whatever is trendy right now for kids. And regarding my skills... no show off! I know people who are way better but I bumped into these old things and I just wanted to share ;) **

Yours truly,
A LadyBug In Love With Manga/Anime + Sailor Pluto